Best Time to Strain Those Muscles Effectively- Cardio Workout!


There has always been many discussions and confusions among the people as to when is the right time to do the cardio. This has also been targeted on by the various researchers in order to seek for the solution of the piling up confusion. Hence, after much brain racking and knuckles cracking they came to a conclusion: “When you feel most energetic throughout the day is the right time to work out ”

Many people revealed that they agree that the best time for a cardio workout is in the mornings as they feel really energetic at the time. Yet, there are a few who are not the morning birds but the night owls , who prefer the evening time being the best for the cardio workout. Hence, there is no particular time for an effective cardio workout, just remember to hit the gym when you are in your most energetic state!

Best Results:

1. Different days for Cardio and Weight training:

It is believed that to get the best results, you must separate your cardio workout days from the weight training workout days. If three days you are doing the weight training then the other two days must be for the cardio. A must for the men who are trying to gain mass.


If you do cardio before the weight lifting session, then this will deplete your glycogen stores in the body and then the weight lifting session would be depleted.

Glycogen stores are your muscles main source of energy and if you have a very few of them left,then you won’t be able to push yourself for those last reps, which prove to be very beneficial.

Note: For women and for all the others who do not want to gain mass, then the cardio can be done followed by the low-weight cardio session.

2. Same day for Cardio and Weight training:

If the cardio and the weight training is to be done on the single day then it must be kept in mind that weight training must be done before the cardio workout.


The weight training session does not deplete the glycogen much as compared to the amount depleted during the cardio session.

This will let some amount of glycogen left-over, which can be useful in an effective cardio session but vice-versa, proves to be fatal like the above stated point.

3. For more effective cardio:

It is recommended to wait for few hours before jumping into the cardio session after the weight lifting one.


It is important to restore the glycogen stores into the body so as to stop the breaking of the protein.

Note:If you plan to do both the weight lifting and cardio in one day, then it is always recommended to do cardio post weight lifting.

4. Emptied Stomach?:

People often ask if they can do the cardio workout on an empty stomach. The reason to this is always a big NO!!


When your body has no food, then it has no source of energy and hence, it starts looking elsewhere for the energy i.e. it starts getting it from the muscles. So, unless your goal is to turn gaunt, Do not do it on an empty stomach.


It is always recommended to have a light snack before 30 minutes ofyour workout.

So, lastly just keep the two things in mind apart from the above:

Be regular to the gym/workout.

Select the right time for your cardio session on the basis of the maximum energy level in the body.