What is the Impact of Reliance Jio on Indian citizens?

impact of Reliance jio on India

Impact of Reliance Jio on Indian citizens?


Gone are the sluggish, lamenting and grief strickening days when the people behaved like pompous asses, oblivious of the happenings around the world, lost in their own, due to the lack of digitalization among them!

The idea of Jio, transformed the very existence of the people around us!

Earlier, the ones who were death scared of the overcharging of the net packs and call ratings are now soaked in it, be it the day or night! All thanks to Mukesh Ambani’s Jio!

If it wouldn’t have been him, Narendra Modi’s dream to make India digitalized, would have been stuck dead till date!

Some of the citizen’s experiences regarding digitization-enhancer ‘Jio’ are:

Hrishikesh Das (student): “I have been using Jio since July 2016.I bought a Lyf Jio handset at a sheer Rs.3000 and started using Jio’s free service. Prior, to its arrival, my monthy expense for internet and voice calling would be around Rs.2000/- or more. But thanks to the legend, Mukesh Ambani, I have coughed up only Rs.3000/- till April 15, 2017, saving almost Rs.20,600/-, just by using Reliance Jio.”

N HariPrakash, working in the Hyundai Motor India Limited, have unfolded a remarkable effect of Reliance Jio , revealing that it has proved to be an aid for the Jallikattu protest. The crowd in the Marina beach, Covai VOC park and all the other parts of Tamil Nadu did not unite as a result of any posters, but the supreme Social Media through whatsapp and Facebook. It had helped in spreading of the news of the happenings around them, which reached the people, just by some few clicks, without even paying any heed to the size and the data usage.

Not only this, but one more experience is a call to our progress towards the win-win situation!

I witnessed that a butcher who would always be mundane and would lie lumpishly on his self-made seat in the afternoons has now been totally engrossed into his phone, either watching some movie or listening to some news at any hour of the day- Awareness among people! enlightenment!

This has even united the weaker section of our society with the rest of the world- One of the key features of Development resolved!

Besides, it is always seen that any campaign containing these two magical words- Unlimited and free, attracts plethora of attention, with everyone lining up eagerly to quench their thirst.

This is a ubiquitous response, as even when you see unlimited pizza at Rs.300/-, then don’t you rush your guts out to grab it! Of course you do!

Who isn’t beseeched by the freebies or obtaining something at dirt cheap price? Everyone does!

Jio has also caused the small business men to develop a smart game plan to fight for the profit in the market. One such story being:

Ravi Jagdamba, hails from Porbandar is a pani puri seller, who has realized the magical effect of both Unlimited and free, along with the craze of this street food among the people. He thus, came up with an idea of unlimited pani puri just @rs.100/-. This would lessen the weight of the wallet of the consumers by Rs.100/- if on the daily basis and Rs.1000/- on monthly basis. He has even named his stall ‘Jio’ too. Well the passage of spark from one business mind to the other!

No doubt Jio must have obviously planned for the future, which might for certain even include the hike in its prices, but why not! It’s also doing a business but believe it or not, the changes are phenomenal!

So curb judging and begin appreciating!!