Early Detection Of Cancer Via Desi Kit

Detect Cancer Early

Detect Cancer Early: Cancer is not a disease but the growth of abnormal cells rapidly at one place which develops into a tumor. Because of this many other problems in the body starts developing and leads to one or more diseases. That is the reason it is called a dangerous disease. It gets expressed in any part of the body in the form of a coagulated mass of cells, which is called a tumor. By the time one comes to know about it, it is already late. Because initial stages rarely get detected and when the things become clear, it gets spread largely in the body.

But now, one can keep a smile on the face by knowing that a very reasonable cost kit has been developed which can alarm in the initial stages too (Detect Cancer Early).

It is quite appreciable to know that this kit is developed by an Indian doctor. Jayant Khandare, a Pune-based scientist has come out with this technology. Khandare is the chief scientific officer at Actorius Innovations and Research Pvt Ltd, a startup co-founded by him and Aravindan Vasudevan in 2013.

This kit contains a simple blood test which will cost approximately Rs 15,000, much cheaper than the existing heavy cost of cancer diagnosis and treatment. And very soon this kit will help doctors to detect the spread or deterioration of cancer in patients. This kit will also help doctors to plan an efficient treatment module.

This test is based on a liquid biopsy technology called OncoDiscover. It will immediately pick up circulating cancer cells in a patient’s blood much before the area getting affected by it or the spread of the existing tumors to other body parts.

Dr.Khandare told TOI, that this Indian kit will be launched in a phased manner all over India from September 2019. This Indian cancer test kit will be far cheaper than the US version. He also said that the diagnostic tool may also be used to plan one’s treatment or to evaluate how well the undergoing treatment system is working.

Dr. Khandare’s long-term plan is to release the test kit in key global markets within the next few years. He has been funded by the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, an industry support wing of the department of biotechnology, Union ministry of science and technology, for the start-up for high-risk innovation.

Khandare revealed that this technological development was a rarity in India. It was amongst the few laboratory-to-clinic translational types of research.

He further said that OncoDiscover test has a very high privilege over another test as it can allow regular monitoring of disease progression and can also help in providing an early indication for cancer relapse. In fact, it is a blood test that detects circulating cancer-causing cells, when the presence of these cells is extremely low or cannot even be detected easily in a patient’s blood.

It is also good to know that “The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization”, the regulatory body for drugs and medical devices, has already granted a license for the manufacture and to sell this kit in India under the Medical Device Rules, 2017.

Khandare also claimed that it is the second such technology in the world, after the one already available in the US (Detect Cancer Early). But the add on a benefit is that the Indian version would be far cheaper and more specific than the US made.

He said, the US test kit with the name “Cell Search, for the detection of circulating tumor cells, has been sold to Menarini Biotech by Johnson & Johnson. It is available in the US since 2004 and has the approval of the US Food and Drug Administration. This test kit costs between 84,000 – 1 lakh and is also not readily available in India has to order for it, which would take some time to arrive.

“Salute To Such Scientist and Doctors Who Are Filled With Patriotism and Truly Wants To Do For Their Own Country”

(Detect Cancer Early)