Foreign Road Trips With Indian Driving License. Here Are The Accessible Countries

Foreign Road Trip

Road trips are a fantasy to today’s youth and a Foreign Road Trip is like a cherry on the cake. So here we have a list of some countries where you can ride a car on your Indian driving license.

►The United States of America

Though the driving side in the US is right hand but yet it permits Indian Driving License on-road provided it is in English. If not, then you will need the I-94 form along with an international driving license to get permission to drive for one year in the USA. The I-94 form will mention the date of your entry into the USA.

► Germany

Everyone wants to enjoy the thrill of driving across Autobahn, a framed destination for road trips in Germany. A valid Indian license can get you a 6-month driving permit in Germany but to be on a safe side, keep the International Driving Permit with a document that has translations as it will get you gain assistance from local authorities. You can also get the translations from the embassy if you are not an IDP.

► Australia

Australia has some of the most unforgiving places on earth which you can’t afford to miss if you are there and driving with your car is a blessing. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, and Australian Capital Territory will all let you drive in Australia but only for 3 months (Foreign Road Trip). Yet there are some other conditions as well. You will need a license in English as well as an IDP. If you secure them, then go ahead!

► France

According to Forbes, France is one of the top 10 car-owning countries. A valid Indian license holder can drive in France up to one year but you will still need a French translation of your license.

► South Africa

Imagine going to South Africa and missing the Cape Town drive. Isn’t it hilarious!! Not anymore. All you need is an International Driving Permit and a valid Indian Driving license that has your photo and signature on it and you are all set.

► The United Kingdom

As you drive on the left-hand side in the UK which is same as India, an Indian driving license will provide you driving permit for one year in the country. You can also rent a vehicle that is permitted to your license.

► New Zealand

With an Indian driving license and the age of 21 and above, you can drive in New Zealand. You will need to get an official translation approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency if your license is not translated to English.

► Switzerland

The land is a perfect destination to spend some gala time with your spouse. The turquoise lakes and the snow-capped mountains make it a perfect place a holiday destination. The alpine country lets you drive for one year if you have an English copy of your valid Indian license.

► Mauritius

The small island can be covered in one day itself. It is easy to hire a car, provided you have a valid license in English. Make sure that you have an International Driving license and Mauritius is pretty easy to go around.

► Norway

The land of Midnight Sun will indeed be a treat to your eyes. Norway gives its tourists an unforgettable road expedition. Here you can drive for around three months with a valid license. The northern lights will surely attract you to its roads (Foreign Road Trip).