Easy ways to lose weight without dieting

Easy ways to lose weight without dieting
Easy ways to lose weight without dieting

Life today is so hectic that we hardly get any time to eat, sleep or even exercise, which is making our body a big storage of fats and diseases. Its high time we should realize that we can only enjoy our wealth and time if we stay fit and healthy. So, here are some simple tips to follow which can definitely help you in shedding those extra pounds which you have gained in years.

Time your meals

A Smaller meal at regular interval gives you a more fuller feeling than two big meals a day. Try to eat at regular interval of 2 hrs. and eat a small portion of everything available in nature.So the easiest way to reduce weight is to eat!!!it is better that we plan our diet in a way that we take all the essentials required to our body.

Do not skip your breakfast: Breakfast or the first meal of the day is said to be the most important. It gives you the energy to begin your day on the positive note and stay healthy. Skipping breakfast leaves you with more calories at the end of the day so it’s important that we take proper whole grain diet in the breakfast.

Move your body

Do not just gain calories also burn them by indulging yourself in some sort of physical activity. You can do 30 mins of brisk walking, playing, gym, swimming anything which you love doing, but just move your body for a while.

Drink lot of water

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon. It is important to replace our other drinking diets and beverages with a glass of water everytime we feel like drinking anything.Water removes excess fat and toxins from our body and drinking a glass water before the meal gives you a fuller feeling and you tend to eat less.


Poor and bad sleep leaves you with more urge for the unhealthy stuff and you tend to eat more. So, It’s important to take a sound sleep at night to reduces your intake of extra calories, it also gives time to your body to relax, heal up and prepare itself for the next day.

Do yoga and love your Nature

A relaxed mind gives you a healthy body and it is only in the healthy body lies the healthy brain. So, try leaving bed early morning, spend some time with nature, do some small relaxing Yoga exercises, laugh aloud, talk to yourself or just keep calm. Try enjoying the early rays of the sun, or feel the drops of rain or the cool air. Motivate yourself every day to do some physical exercises and trust me it works miracle. Stress is the mother to all the major diseases which increases your weight, so relax and spend some time with nature and let nature do its magic.

Trim your diet

Use smaller sized bowls and serving plates to eat, which generally reduces your intake by 20%,people tend to eat more when served in the big bowls or plates, also try using the plates in contrast to your dishes.in are search it is found that people tend to eat more when served in the same color plat.