Fitness Freaks: Here Are 5 Fitness Apps & Gadgets Which Can Help you In Achieving Your Fitness Goals

fitness apps & gadgets

With the development of technology, new gadgets are popping up and we are moving into 21st century. People are getting depended on the upcoming technology and started calling themselves modern. People have become the puppets of the modern world, which had boosted up after 1970. In this way people started giving their own remote control into the hands of others.

Whereas in olden times, people had their remote control in hand and guided all the accessories, according to their own choice.

Anyways, development is mother of progress. The new developments happen for the goodness but people starts misusing them and finally fall into the hands of side effects. These side effects majorly come across with the health problems. So, it is not bad to get acquainted with the new technology but it is bad to be a parasite on it.

Use things within limits and enjoy the life

Amongst many developments, a fitness band recently came into existence and many people are crazy of it. Now let us understand its worthiness.

A fitness conscious person will go with this tracker and find it the most useful thing. According to one the fitness band is their personal trainer and helps in keeping the complete record of one’s fitness data. This data would be of a gymnast, weight loss, record of cross country race, training oneself for triathlon etc.

These fitness bands can track the daily activities of one and can measure their performance constantly.


Health and Fitness App 1 Fitness Band

fitness apps & gadgets

This band contains all the apps which can be worn on the wrist and can keep the record of fitness.


fitness apps & gadgets


If one is enthusiastic to know their progress on their fitness training, then these bands are fit for one. It enhances the motivation levels of a person and then helps one in figuring out for the next day. A good fitness band will include tools of calorie counter, step counter, distance tracker, speed and heart rate monitor. As shown in the chart above.

One can set their own realistic goals. Say, if one wants to move from a sedentary lifestyle to complete fitness and sets the target of one month, but this is unrealistic. Within the set time, the fitness band helps one to set and achieve realistic goals. This doesn’t say that one should get harassed and quit half way rather it shows the real scenario of one’s fitness.


❒ Health and Fitness App 2 Nike+ Running

fitness apps & gadgets

This is a perfect smart phone app for joggers, runners and marathon lovers. Nike+ Running apps keeps the tracks of our movements and records the time, speed, distance and other attributes by using GPS tracker. There is also a movement tracking accelerometer specially designed for indoor running. This is not at all, based on the data it collects, but this app sets goals for one. It motivates one to get better and better and hit the previous records.


❒ Health and Fitness App 3 Fitocracy

fitness apps & gadgets

Fitocracy app has been authorized by Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Miss America 2013. This is the best app for all those who take their fitness routine seriously. One will have to choose the type of exercises one would be doing such as running, dumbbell or triceps curls. Based on the size, weight and development, Fitocracy will award the points for each task done. As one gets more points, one wins more virtual badges, unlock various exercising routines. Furthermore one can compete with their friends and others users of this app.


Health and Fitness App 4 Zombies Run

fitness apps & gadgets

Talking about motivation, Zombies, Run! It is perhaps the best fitness app.

This app is based on a gaming/fitness scenario. Every time one runs or takes a job, one is saving people of Abel Township. The app is set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. The more one runs, the more it supplies, bandages, food and medicine to one. The more you run, the safer the town’s people are. Sounds of helicopters, sirens and screams keeps one motivated. If one slows down, one will hear zombies roar and feel they are winning.

After completing few milestones, one will notice that the aerial view of Abel Township changes from a wasteland to a green merry-looking community. One can view schools, a hospital, power plants and few shops.


❒ Health and Fitness App 5 MyLand

fitness apps & gadgets

This fitness app is usually loved by animal lovers, nature lovers who like running and jogging.

MyLand is an app set in spiritual land with a beautiful setting having plants, waterfalls, animals like tigers and deer and also magical creatures; dragons and centaurs. When one begins the routine, the land looks empty and dark. Gradually as one runs and the app tracks it, flowers begin to blossom.

The more one runs, the more points one gets. With these points, one can buy new exotic plans, create farms for your pet animals and build a mystical kingdom for self. This app is very comprehensive; there are highlands, lowlands, forests, castles etc. To ensure that one stay motivated for a long time, the app gives some mission that take days or weeks to complete.


❒ Health and Fitness App 6 Fleetly

fitness apps & gadgets

This is the perfect app for those who want to customize their workout routine at the fingertips. Fleetly gives points and medals for completing their workouts. The best thing about the app is that it is very wide-ranging. It lets one to track all the movements, workouts and performance indicators. In a league like system, one will be placed according to the ranking among the friends.

Once one chooses an area to work on such as legs or biceps, one will be guided through various routines and different workouts of each area. Like a personal trainer it keeps guiding. Fleetly will evaluate and gives one more depending upon the progress.

“So Apps Too Help a Lot in Maintaining the Health and Fitness”

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