Foods Which Help Us To Maintain Rocking Skin!!

foods which help us to maintain skin

Food for Healthy Skin

In ancient time man made the maximum use of fruits and was close to nature and used to spend a healthy, happy and long life. However when men started indulging in unnatural and artificial lifestyles, fruit diet remained only for namesake and its place was taken by cooked food meat, fish etc. and fried food materials because of which man started moving from healthy to unhealthy life. Fruits substitutes for food as well as medicines. From treatment point of view fruits hold a very important place. Fruits help one to maintain the health of skin and can also cure even the most incurable diseases. If the central nervous system is unhealthy then it is impossible for a person to remain healthy but fruits have a protective and strengthening effects on the nervous system and the person regain all the lost strength. One who takes fruits regularly has sharp intelligence and does not get easily tired working. As a result one remains free from mental tension. Use of regional and seasonal fruits is preferable as they are grown naturally according to the climate and requirement of the body.

Nutritive value of Fruits: All the fruits are good for skin and many health problems. Almost all the fruits contain Vitamins and minerals, which always keep skin glowing and respiring and also removes toxins from the body.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 1 Orange

best food for beautiful skin

Orange is most widely used fruit from the health and taste point of view. Its juice has Vitamin C and minerals, potassium, calcium, Phosphorus and sugar in sufficient amount. It is very beneficial for children, old people and patients. It dissolves the toxins, increases urination and does removes waste from the body, it increases resistance power from infectious diseases. Consuming Orange normally and regularly during season definitely prevents cold, gum disease, piles and unnatural bleeding and the person become strong and healthy. Its juice is beneficial for the liver and heart, if taken with honey in heart problems, it becomes even more beneficial, if 1to2 spoon Amla juice is added to it, then its benefit increases. Eating oranges reduces mental stress and irritability, if a pregnant woman feels nauseated then having an orange gives immediate relief. Children should regularly take oranges. Hesperitin present in it stops the increasing number of Cancer cells and prevents mouth cancer. Normally people hesitate to take oranges during cold or heart diseases but there is no logic to it orange is beneficial in all the ways it is abandoned Vitamin C which is a protective vitamin and cold and cough remains away through this.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 2 Apple

best food for beautiful skin

 Apple has A, B, C and E vitamins and iron, Phosphorus, potassium, etc., it strengthens the brain and sharpens intelligence and removes nervous weakness. It cleans the stomach. Apple plays an important role in removing mental irritability, decreased vitality and laziness. It is helpful in curing anemia; it is beneficial in both for curing constipation and diarrhea. It is very good for heart patients, it is also a diuretic to remove toxins, its antioxidants reduce cholesterol, it is like nectar for people living in hilly areas, and it has a phytonutrient named Phenolic Compounds which stops heart problems.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 3 Pineapple

best food for beautiful skin

Pineapple is a health giving pleasant fruit. It has many qualities removes uneasiness, quenches thirst, keeps the body healthy and provides freshness. It gives strength to the heart and brain. Eating pineapple on an empty stomach improves digestion, makes urination proper and thus helps prevent stones formation, it cures swelling of throat and tonsillitis, it is also beneficial in thyroid problem, the bromelanin present in it prevents clotting of blood, the chlorogenic acid present in it acts as an antioxidant.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 4 Blackberry

best food for beautiful skin

Blackberry has many nutritious elements, it is very good in cough and Pitta problems, eating blackberries makes the teeth and gums healthy, diabetes patient should regularly eat blackberries, it is beneficial in stomach diseases, blackberries juice give relief in stone problems, it removes heart problem, in leprosy, it strengthens the stomach pancreas and spleen. Blackberries purifies blood and prevents urinary diseases, its antioxidants have good capacity of removing toxins from the human body, it is very useful in treating an enlarged liver, it works like a tonic on the heart and nerves, it gives relief in bleeding piles condition, the anthocyanins present in it stops aging, it also has allergic acid which reduces cholesterol and helps in preventing cancer. Only ripe and fresh Blackberry should be eaten, it should not be combined with milk or curd, if one has eaten too many mangoes then eating blackberries acts as a digestive agent blackberries should not be eaten too many at a time.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 5 Guava

best food for beautiful skin

It has abundant vitamins A, C, E etc. and minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus etc., it is very useful before pregnancy to have a beautiful child, during pregnancy and also after delivery, while feeding the child, it prevents stone of gallbladder, strengthens teeth and remove swelling of the gums, it kills germs of stomach and increases appetite, it removes constipation and completely cleans intestines, its consumption removes many toxins from the stomach, it acts like a tonic for the liver and removes blood impurities, it is helpful in strengthening the nerves, guava should neither be too ripe nor too raw.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 6 Strawberry

best food for beautiful skin

It contains high quality of zinc which is necessary for semen, it has a high-quality folic acid, which is necessary for pregnant women, it is also very useful in treating Eczema and asthma, the anthocyanins present in it acts as an anti aging agent, it also has Ellagic Acid which reduces cholesterol and stops cancer.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 7 Sweet lemon

best food for beautiful skin

Its nutritive and medicinal values are same as that of an orange, only the taste and smell are different, other fruits of this species are Malta and Kinnu, also have the same qualities, it is a blood purifier and digestive, it is a health improver and increases activeness, it is beneficial in skin diseases. It is a Secret of health uncooked food.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 8 Pomegranate

best food for beautiful skin

This has abundant protein, vitamin and natural salts required and necessary for life. Its important antioxidant prevents cancer and heart problems. It reduces cholesterol, increases appetite, gives quick relief in jaundice and helps in formation of blood.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 9 Watermelon

best food for beautiful skin

This is very useful for us and is cheap and easily available, it has more water than any other fruit, this water has abundant potassium, which dissolves toxins present in the body and removes it through urine or sweat, it is the best diuretics hence help specially in urination disturbance, lack of urine, stone of Kidney and urinary bladder, increased uric acid and calcium in urine, it also helps in reducing obesity.

Excess sweating in summers leads to loss of natural Salts and makes one feel thirsty, but eating watermelon not only quenches thirst but also provides natural salt and protects us from harmful effect of heat from sun rays, the lycopene present in it prevents heart disease and prostate cancer.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 10 Papaya

best food for beautiful skin

This has very high quality of the digestive elements, various vitamins and minerals are found in it. Its regular consumption eliminates chances of stone formation, it keeps the stomach clean, it strengthens the liver, it increases breast milk in lactating women, it is beneficial in gas problem, high BP, removes constipation, get rid of piles and healthy gout. It increases appetite, ripe papaya is taken as a fruit and raw papaya is used in juice form. The beta carotene present in it acts as an anti-aging agent, prevents from cancer, develops lungs and stops the harmful effects of diabetes.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 11 Spinach

best food for beautiful skin

Spinach is another healthy food, super food, cheap and best. It contains loads of nutrients and antioxidants. It benefits eye health, reduce oxidative stress, help prevent cancer, and reduce blood pressure levels. It is delicious to eat alone or in other dishes. Spinach contains two immune-boosting antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, important for eye health. It is one of the most effective cancer-fighting veggie.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 12 Lemons

best food for beautiful skin

Lemons are bright yellow in color and are the most popular fruit. It is rich in vitamin C, Just one lemon daily will fulfill cent percent daily intake of vitamin C. This helps in increase of “good” HDL cholesterol levels and strengthens the bones. This is good for skin also and also keeps skin healthy. Lemons contain citrus flavonoids which inhibit the growth of cancer cells and act as an anti-inflammatory. Best way to take is add a slice of lemon to your green tea. One of the studies also found that citrus increases our body’s capability to absorb more antioxidants in the tea almost 80 percent.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 13 Avocados

best food for beautiful skin

Avocados are rich in healthy fats. It is a unique fruit which lowers cholesterol by about 22 percent. One avocado has more than half the fiber and 40 percent of the folate one need daily, which reduces risk of heart disease. Adding it to our salad can increase the absorption of key nutrients like beta-carotene by three to five times compared with salads without this super food.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 14 Coconut

best food for beautiful skin

According to Ayurveda, Coconut is a good acid pacifier.  In Ayurveda acid is termed as “Pitta”.  In Indian culture Coconut is used as sacred offerings to God and is also used as medicine and food.

It has vitamin A, B, C and minerals calcium, iron, phosphorus in sufficient quantity. It gives cooling effect, easily digestible, nutritious, energy giver and improves blood and enzymes and removes blood toxins. It restores the lost electrolytes and prevents dehydration.

Best Food for Beautiful Skin 15 Broccoli

best food for beautiful skin

Broccoli looks like a bonsai tree. It is related to cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower. Broccoli is a super food. It is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. One medium branch of broccoli contains cent percent of our daily vitamin K requirement and almost 200 % of our recommended daily dose of vitamin C. Both are essential bone-building nutrients. The same quantity also keeps away cancers. Eating in salads is best but Steaming or boiling save only 66 percent of the nutrient.

“Natural Fruits and Vegetables Are the Best Source of Food to Keep Skin Healthy”