Foodie Couple: 7 Things Every Couple Out There Must Try These Food Items With Each Other

things every couple must try

Foodie couples always makes the best companions as there is nothing more than the love for food. The perfect matches are made in heaven. But it is a fact that most if the couples finds it very difficult about what to order everytime they go out for dinner dates or lunch dates. Many couples find it interesting in trying new food everytime they out. Foodie couples are one of the best couples as they enjoys the most. Here are some of the best foods for the couples that they should try atleast once with each other.

❒ Golgappa

things every couple must try

Golgappa is the best Street food in India. Mostly everyone loves to eat Golgappa. You can go to a golgappa stall and enjoy the different flavours. Couples must try this when they are together. Going on a Golgappa date can be a better idea.

Ice cream

things every couple must try

You can never say a no to ice cream even in winters. Ice cream is the best mood changer. Couples can go to enjoy the soothing taste of ice cream .


things every couple must try

Going out for movie with your loved ones really boosts your mood. Spending quality time is very important in a relationship. So you can prefer going to watch movies in weekends with your partner.


things every couple must try

These simple food can really fill your life with interesting experiences. Gola is love of all. It is made up of ice with different flavours. Enjoy it with your partner and make them more happier.

Pop corns

things every couple must try

You can enjoy popcorns on a movie date as most of us love to eat popcorns. You can also have soft drinks with popcorns.

Dinner dates

things every couple must try

Dinner dates and specially the candle light dinner dates can add much more romance to your life. You can make your partner feel more special by planning such dinner dates for them. You can offer them their favourite foods to make it more special.

Different Continental cuisines

things every couple must try

You can also go for different kinds of continental cuisines such as Italian food or chinese food as many of us loves spicy food.

So these are some great ideas that you must try with your partner and once in a lifetime.

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