Health is Wealth: Precautions You Must Take to Not to Get Sick This Season

health is wealth

Health Is Wealth: Habits

Health we are talking about is well being of Human Body, which is a boon for us. Our body has a strong complex network with in it, which works very systematically and highly coordinated with our nine organ systems. If any of the system is unable to function properly the whole coordination with in the body gets disturbed and one tends to fall ill. This was also defined by, the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. 

In fact Good “Health” refers to the union of physical, mental and spiritual health.


Health and Fitness Tip 1 Natural Diet Maintains Good Health

health is wealth


A healthy person body should be able to execute all functions easily without any trouble. The top most priority is those functions which are essential for maintenance of the body such as digestion of food and excretion of waste products. A Healthy person real hunger is completely satisfied through natural food in the form of fruits and vegetables. one gets satisfied without the discomfort of overeating. Digestion happens quietly without the person noticing.


Health and Fitness Tip 2 Stop Overeating

health is wealth


Feeling heavy after eating and various other problems as well as the urge to have spicy food and stimulating drinks are unnatural and Signs of diseases. On feeling thirsty one should sense to have only water. The urine should not be too warm; neither should there be any trouble while excreting it. It should not be thick dirty looking black radish or colourless. Normally its colour should be light yellow. Watery feces are a sign of diseases in same way as is hard or black.

Go od health also states that the skin should be odorless and not stinking like that of meat eating animals. The skin should be moisturized but not sticky it should be a little soft and supple to touch and not dry. It should be flexible and there should be appropriate amount of hair on all the appropriate places. Baldness is again an indication of a sick body.


Health and Fitness Tip 3  Good Health Awareness

health is wealth

Good health also says, the lungs should function without any difficulty. Air should enter the body through the nostrils which are its natural filters. Always breathing through the mouth day or night gives the indication of a sick body.

Good health also gives indications if the level of fatigue is getting too high. However, this tiredness is not stress full but it directs us towards rest and eventually, sleeps. If one is healthy sleep is deep and peaceful. A healthy person is always happy and self satisfied. On waking up instead of being lazy and irritated is energetic.

A good healthy person relieves mental stress and tension by freely crying which is natural mechanism to overcome emotional or mental stress.


Health and Fitness Tip 4 Indicators of Good Health

health is wealth

  • Sound sleep
  • Feeling Energetic and enthusiastic on getting up in the morning.
  • Clear bowel movement
  • Healthy appetite
  • Belly is less than chest
  • Emotionally and mentally happy
  • Pleasantly talking
  • Charming face and expressions
  • Feeling young and vigorous
  • Positive thinking
  • Body is odorless
  • Walking with straight spine
  • Soft skin
  • Always enthusiastic, active and cool

Health and Fitness Tip 5 Be Hydrated

health is wealth

As soon as one gets up in the morning drink a large glass of warm water with lemon. This helps in cleaning the entire digestive system and gives one a fresh start to the day and keeps active throughout the day.


Health and Fitness Tip 6 Exercises

health is wealth

Tone the body with exercises in order to break sweat. It is suggested as a daily morning ideal time is 45 to 60 minutes.  But at least should be done for 30 minutes. If one cannot do exercises then one should find an activity which one can do consistently for their own life.


Health and Fitness Tip 7 Yoga and Meditation

health is wealth

Give five to 10 minutes or more can be given for peace and relaxation in the morning. It could be mind-body practices like yoga and meditation. This helps to overcome stress, which are the main causes of illness. It will also put us in a more present state of mind; support us to be better decision-makers.

        “Healthy People Always Have Good “Mind and Soul”


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