Lose those Extra Kilos during Summer Vacations with One Simple Trick

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It’s summer and if you are planning to enjoy your vacations, you must be dealing with insecurities about your extra kilos. Holidays can prove stressful for overweight or obese individuals as they are more prone to gain weight during their fun outings while munching on unhealthy high-caloric foods.

In a recent study was carried at the University of Georgia, USA and it revealed that people who weigh themselves daily are less susceptible to gain weight compared to those who are not measuring their weight gain.

In the study for journal Obesity, a hundred individuals ranging from 18 to 65 years of age were taken into consideration. Half the individuals were instructed to weigh on a daily basis and try to maintain their weight throughout the holiday season. However, they were not provided with any diet plan or exercise routine and they were free to self-determine methods to maintain their weight. The participants in the other group were not provided with any instruction to check their weight daily.

After the study, it was concluded that people who were keeping an eye on their weight changes made more positive efforts to maintain their baseline weight by exercising more or eating less, than those who were not paying attention to their discrepancies.

Micelle van Dellen from the University of Georgia explained their behavioral change and said that people are sensitive to the changes in their body and when they see differences on a consistent basis, they tend to make efforts to oppose the negativities.

So even if you are going out on a holiday or staying at your home in vacation, you should start making a habit of weighing yourself daily and preparing a data table to keep the track of your weight change. However, you still need to make efforts to maintain or lose your weight as the weighing scale alone will not deal with your those delicious extra calories.

This habit will not only help you become more consistent with your daily physical and eating activities but will also help you become self-aware of your own body.