Lose Weight Naturally Without Exercise

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Homo sapiens are the only human species, who have a well-developed brain, body, high intelligence and can do whatever one wants. The name is from a Latin word which means “wise man”. But the irony is that humans have no value of themselves. They do not respect for themselves and that is the reason does not know how to behave with their own body, always remain ignorant about the fact that they can do miracles, if they respect for themselves and thank God for the birth as human being they have got, then everything is achievable and keeps potential to do things beyond their limits.

For doing extraordinary things in the world, human beings have to remain healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. To be healthy one should eat only when one feels hungry and chew the food properly.

Why one puts on weight

  • When one eats too much without any control, not bothered if one is hungry or not, but needs something to eat.
  • One is too lazy and too much sleepy.
  • Lack of physical work done by one.
  • Excessive consumption of fatty food, maida, sweets, salty, roasted and fried food.
  • Keep sitting for a long time at one place.
  • One can also gain weight by tension, hereditary, disorder of endocrine glands and excessive medication.

Any of the cause can put on weight in a person.


When the fat gets accumulated in the body, then one starts gaining weight. It is not a disease itself, but gives birth to many other diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, skin trouble, kidney problems, ulcer, paralysis, arthritis, asthma, sterility, impotency etc.

To avoid falling into these diseases, one should lose weight immediately on a priority basis. But the question arises, how one should lose weight? The answer to this is very simple just by changing the lifestyle.

Weight Loss Techniques

⍟ Weight Loss 1 Eat when hungry

One should eat when one is hungry, this show the calories are required by the body, so immediately the food will be digested and there will be no space for fat accumulation. Assign two timings, morning and evening for the meals. Avoid eating at multiple times. By eating in short gaps, food does not get digested completely and the undigested food keeps lying in the stomach and intestine, which is harmful.

⍟ Weight Loss 2 Chew food properly

The food should be chewed properly at the level when solid food turns into liquid into the mouth. Eating in a hurry, means swallowing half-chewed food, such that easily it can pass through the esophagus to the stomach and one remains happy that their job is done and rest of the process stomach will do. But it is a wrong practice, as this increases the load on the stomach and intestine. Because food is never chewed in the stomach as it does not contain teeth, so stomach secrete more acid for its mastication and this results in acidity and other stomach diseases.

⍟ Weight Loss 3 Avoid overeating

If one is thinking overeating results in healthy body, then it is a wrong concept rather stomach will not be in position to perform well as it is overloaded. Hence, problems like indigestion and acidity starts from here and these two factors open gate for many diseases.

⍟ Weight Loss 4 Calorie Intake

It is the unit to measure energy in the body and also energy present in the food. We need energy to survive and to do our daily routines. Overeating results in extra energy which unfortunately gets stored in the body as fat and slowly this develops into obesity. So to look slim and beautiful one has to maintain a balance between energy consumed to energy absorbed. The need of calories is different by different people, which depends on height, weight, age, sex, and working profile.

⍟ Weight Loss 5 Calorie Intake quantity

  1. If one consumes, 700 K calorie more than its requirement then the weight increase by 100gm
  2. A lazy man consumes 1 Kcalorie per hour.
  3. A normal man consumes 3 K calories per hour.
  4. A very active man consumes 6 Kcalories per hour.

Age                                                              K Calorie requirement


  • Up to six months                                     120 per kg weight
  • 7 to 12 months                                        100 per kg weight
  • 1 to 3 years                                             1250
  • 4 to 6 years                                             1700
  • 7 to 9 years                                             1950


  • 10 to 12 years                                         2200
  • 13 to 15 years                                         2500
  • 16 to 18 years                                         3000


  • 10 to 12 years                                        2000
  • 13 to 15 years                                        2200
  • 16 to 18 years                                        2200


  • Doing light work                                     2200
  • Doing medium work                               2800
  • Doing heavy work                                  3400


  • Doing light work                                     1900
  • Doing medium work                               2250
  • Doing heavy work                                  2950

⍟ Weight Loss 6 Food items

Our Indian Kitchen is a most flourishing one in the world. Different kinds of food items like sweets, pickles, jams, cakes, jellies etc. are prepared in the kitchen. But unknowingly this is giving harm to our body. We are wasting lots of money, labour and time for the preparation of harmful products for ourselves.

Taking the example of milk, we boil it to drink and further concentrate and prepare khoya which is more harmful than milk but we use it lovingly. Khoya is nothing but just like the garbage of milk which we use for making sweets. These sweets are indigestible and give rise to different diseases.

The same thing stands for fried and roasted items. We spoil the natural food to make it tasty, but this is something like changing live things to dead things. By frying, roasting and mixing spices it may become tasty but from the health point of view it will be useless and a waste.

Frying roasting and use of excess spices should be banned in kitchen. If sweets and spicy item are considered non foods then seriously it will be an advantage for health.

⍟ Weight Loss 7 Types of kitchen

There are three types of kitchen

  • Natural kitchen

Nature has provided us very good things to eat, cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc. If a man consume it in their natural form, then will be healthy, disease-free and live a long life. only man cook and eat whereas animals use it in the natural form, that is the reason a man falls sick and gets engulfed in one or the other form of diseases.

  • Man-made Kitchen

In this type of kitchen, food is cooked by 3 types-

  • By cooking in steam

This falls in the second category as compared to uncooked food. Mostly nutrients do not get destroyed by this way of cooking.

  • By boiling

This process comes in third category as most of the nutritious elements get destroyed.

  • By frying, roasting and using an excess of salt

This type of food falls in the fourth category as this is the most harmful process for the health.

  • Machine kitchen

In this food is prepared in factories, in which preservatives, trans fats etc. are put in plenty, they are harmful for health. They are only tasty but lack in nutrients.

  • Weight Loss of 8 Treatments

If one is still careless and not serious for self-health and gets a good fat deposition then one can process for the weight loss treatments in a natural way.

Weight Loss 8 Routine food consumption habits

  • Gradually reduce food consumption.
  • Live on juices for few days minimum is for 2 days.
  • Then as per requirement live on uncooked food by eating nuts, fruits and vegetables and their juices.
  • Later get back to normal diet, including chapatti with Chaff, boiled vegetables buttermilk without butter, taken in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Drink lukewarm lemon water empty stomach.
  • Chew food to make it fine as liquid in the mouth.
  • Ghee, sweets, fried and roasted items should be kept out of reach.
  • It is advised to go for natural call (urination) after eating food.
  • At night take Triphala powder before sleep.
  • Drink sufficient water at least 10-12 glasses of water on the daily basis.
  • It is good if one takes 1 glass of water with Basil juice.

⍟ Weight Loss 9 Physical application

Apply mud pack on the abdomen, Hot and Cold fomentation on the abdomen, enema, Hip bath, Kunjal, Abdomen compress, Weekly bed sheet, Shankh prakshalana, Sun bathing, hot foot bath can be taken for losing weight.

⍟ Weight Loss 10 Routine practices

  • Sun charged water from Orange bottle should be consumed.
  • Sun rays should be taken in the morning between 9 to 10 am for 10 minutes.
  • Walk at least for 30 minutes, while walking practice breathing deeply and for 2 minutes laugh loudly.
  • Do cycling exercises by both legs and hands in the morning and evening.
  • Practice sun mudra.
  • Paschimottanasan, pawanmuktasana and vajrasan can be done.
  • Uddiyan Bandh and Mool bandh can be practiced
  • Breathing exercises are very important.
  • Practice agnisaar kriya and kapalbhati Pranayam.

When we are strong-minded for the use of natural food and accept that it is necessary for our good and sound health, which can allow us to accept all challenges and come out with good solutions to it, healthily and wealthily both. This pleasant approach can help us to enjoy life and also help others to enjoy their life. Then we can think of bringing revolution around the globe.

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