Relief from chronic back pain with Yoga

back pain

Yes, you heard it right; Yoga can give you relief from the chronic back pain that you have been suffering and thought that you win be able to find a resolve for the same. It has been said in one report that about 80% of the Americans suffer from back pain. While most of them are prescribed opiates which lessens the pain for sometime not everyone has got a permanent resolve from the pain.

Many researchers have found that Yoga can actually help people whose back hurt and completely find peace with their existing status of pain. This has turned many heads in America over dropping their pain pills. Here comparison between Yoga and no/little exercise, Yoga and back specific exercise and Yoga and general exercises proved that there was considerable difference within 3 months using Yoga than not doing any exercise and when it came to back specific exercise Yoga went off a bit since they took time and they were not meant for the back majorly. May be all these differences must be due to the fact that Yoga takes time to evolve and daily exercising of Yoga can only generate a general effect on the body.

After many general reviews which extended over for 3 months on a control group claimed different results and most of them showed that Yoga was not much effective in easing the back pain. But it even left with a question that it could have been better if they continued it for quite a few months more. It is evident from the percepts that many people had experienced an increase in back pain for which we could enumerate a number of explanations. One of which could be whether they are performing Yoga safely? It is because Yoga must be performed at certain angles and it is not suitable for people in all age groups. Therefore some modifications have to be made to adjust with the same.

Even though we have mentioned many tips and ways of adjustments that can help improve your existing condition and lessen your pain:

If you are a person having disc injuries then you must with not doubt be not forward folding or if you are bound to do one make sure you use props/support for getting back support.

Keeping your knees bent can take excess pressure off your back and can help perform the act better.

Keep a concentrated mind while doing a deep fold such as headstand yoga.

It is your back that pains! And it is obviously a fact that you have to save your back even while you are striving to get your back fixed. Positions such as Anuvittasana as well as bridge positions can help keep your back straight and gentle.

Further you can engage in mula bandha(root lock) and uddiyana bandha(abdominal lock) to strengthen your spine muscles.

In this way you can make sure that you do your existing Yoga drills safely and help release the stress thereby maintaining the status quo of your body.