Why Bodyguards of PM Narendra Modi and other VIPs wear sunglasses?

PM Narendra Modi

VIPs and PM Narendra Modi are public personalities and they are rarely seen without their bodyguards. I am sure you have noticed them: dressed in black, carrying firearms, standing close to the personality. They are walking labels of good posture and determination. What stand out the most in a bodyguard are the sunglasses. You must have wondered why exactly all bodyguards of VIPs wear sunglasses. It issure for an advantage over sun and not just for style. Here are more reasons to this question:

To misleads their attacker

It is natural for security personnel to keep their eyes roving. They watch the area like a hawk, across the entire area 24*7. It is a way to conceal their eyes from the onlookers. By wearing sunglasses, they are ensured that their eyes are not visible to the attackers. It certainly assists security guards understand sudden movement of subjects better.

PM Narendra Modi

Sunglasses offer protection from external objects

Sunglasses come handy if the booked space is foggy or dusty. The glasses protect wearer’s eyes and assist them in seeing the area clearly during haze. In the case of any unfortunate incident, like a bomb-blast or a gun-firing, the sunglasses of the security guards help them to focus on the crucial situation. They cannot afford to close their eyes in such a critical situation and these sunglasses help them to keep their eyes open at all times.

Certain Psychological reasons

In case of a blast or sudden disruption, it is only human nature is to close eyes as they sense damaging circumstances. Wearing the sunglasses offers an added shield to the guard and helps them keep their eyes open while they stay alert. Glasses help them to open eyes and scan the entire area and keep them from pausing.

To keep away from sun glare and direct sunlight

When you are wearing Dark glasses, it helps you to avoid direct sunlight. It also offers a neutral black tone to the eyes making it easy for everyone to see without color restrictions. Mostly, it helps bodyguards to blink less and open eyes for a longer period.

The security guards get a special training of understanding an individual’s body language, in order to act and react accordingly. Thus the sunglasses help the guards keep an eye on a certain individual without the knowledge of the person.

These sunglasses also act as a shield from dust, smoke, winds, and sunlight. They can perform better in their long hours of duty.