Settling The Debate Once And For All: Training With Machines And Lifting Free Weights

Training With Machines And Lifting Free Weights

The Fitness world today is brim with Health conscious people who have fitness deeply ingrained in them. In past decade the definition of being was quite different from what it is today. In earlier year’s fitness was about how much a person can perform household errands or work in the fields and still not end up being tired. On top of that even eating dozen of rote and gulping liters of milk signified level of fitness, the same however may not apply in today’s era.

Now day’s people consider hitting gym as the sole criteria of being fit, well that may not be entirely true. The gym’s today are equipped with modern facilities and imported machines. The fitness centers boast about their latest machines and how it enables you to focus on a certain body part.

The debate rages as to what is more beneficial training with machines or lifting free weights. Bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman and Frank Zane were one of the famous bodybuilders of 70’s and they mostly trained on free weights. Whereas the modern day bodybuilders like Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson and Kai Greene were being seen working out on modern machines.

Free Weight

If one is striving to add mass and increase overall strength nothing can beat free weights. Nothing has been proven to be more effective for the Bodybuilder in Training with free weights. For most people their first tryst with bodybuilding was seeing the flat bench press. If you aspire to be hardcore lifter free weights are right equipment for you. Exercise like squats, dead lift and lunges are the examples as to why free weights are superior to machines. You may be able to lift probably say 70kg on a machine but when you try to lift the same on free weight you might struggle to lift properly.

For beginners wit would be arduous to hit free weight but in longer run would be highly beneficial. While performing some exercise they might need a spotter too or they might find themselves mangles under weight. If one get back to hitting free weight post injury he may have slight niggles as the body might not be attune to lifting. Following a workout one can use light weights to perform stretching exercises that will tone your muscle.


Some consider machines to be superior to free weights owing to the fact that you don’t have a specific zone in which you are actually working the desired muscles. Working on machines enables you to isolate a specific group or groups of muscle, making them ideal for physical therapy patience that only want to do one part. Machines are also ideal for a beginner or in case you don’t have a coach or a trainer to teach you how to use free weights properly.

Since machines have a set movement there is greatly reduced risk of injury, due largely to the fact that machines force you to have perfect form. Post injury it is much better to opt for working on machines for the evident fact that the chances of aggravating injury would be slim.

End of the workout one can probably Feel The Difference on working Health & Fitness on machines as the part would be sore. But the part that is sore right now would be much Stronger Tomorrow.