13 Year Old Pregnant Girl Claims 10 Year Old Boy is the Father

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Hard to believe but it is true that, recently a case has come forward where a 13 year old pregnant girl claims 10 year old boy is the father. Children are maturing much faster than their actual age.

Children needs to be Counselled from early childhood, usually from 3 years, up to the higher education institution level, it should include a wide range of services to support and broaden the effectiveness of children and students education. Counselling in education and behaviour is provided in close cooperation with schools, teachers, parents and adult pupils. It should be provided on the basis of an informed consent of an applicant (parent or guardian of the pupil / adult pupil) in accordance with ethical principles. Psychological ill children should be kept in special centres for curing their thought process and all round development such that they can have better existence in the society. They should be made to understand properly the requirements, needs and the focus of life in each phase of growth.


Unethical Relationship

A recent case of Russia has come into notice on 24th January, 2020 where children have indulged into wrong relationship which is unethical. A teenager Russian, Daria, 13 years old has been declared pregnant and she had claimed that a 10-year-old boy, Ivan is the father of her child and they had sexual relationship after falling in love at first sight.

This news had spread in the entire Russia after they appeared on a television show to talk about the Daria’s pregnancy and how their relationship flourished so quickly after meeting each other, according to the Mirror.


Commitment of Children for Their Weird Relationship

The children said they met around a year ago, when the friend of Daria introduced both of them, we fell in love at first sight and two days later we started dating. Ivan too said he was in love with her. We tried to spend as much time together as we could. We loved walking down the streets holding hands and kissing.

Ivan is suffering with gastritis and she doesn’t allow him to drink carbonated beverages, they took care of each other like any other couple. She said sometimes she is conscious of her weight but Ivan very kindly says that she is in perfect shape and do not need to go on a diet.

But when asked about how she had become pregnant, then Daria said that they had sex at Ivan’s home while his mother was away and then they hid from each other under the blanket out of shame. She shared that, as the time went on she started feeling sick and nauseated, and that even doctors at the hospital could not find the source of her “illness”. Finally, her mother Elena bought her a pregnancy test kit, which confirmed she was pregnant.


Parents Shocked At This Weird Relationship

Daria’s mother said after the test, Daria confessed having sex with Ivan. Her mother was totally in shock and was speechless. On the top of it, Daria insisted that, despite her age, she would be keeping the child, on thinking about the delivery process, she was scared, but on seeing her baby during an ultrasound test, she decided to give birth as she found the baby too tiny and cute. But now even Elena supported her.

Ivan and his mother, Galina, will also be helping in raising the child, though even Ivan’s mother was speechless after learning that her 10-year-old son had indulged into such unethical relationship. She was sure even Ivan himself might not have understood what exactly had happened. They did not use any contraceptives and obviously did not realize the possible consequences.


Doctors and Neighbours Views on This Weird Relationship

However, the critics from the neighbours had started coming, one of them said he doesn’t think Ivan is responsible for this, he feels someone else got her pregnant and wants to shift the blame onto the 10-year-old.

Dr. Evgeny Grekov, a urology and andrology expert spoke the similar words. He said that there cannot be sperm cells in Ivan, he is still a child, and even there is no testosterone. He still has the childish sex organs and puberty has not started yet. Even the tests had proved the same.


Weird Relationship Case under Investigation

Anyhow, Police is investigating the case and is looking into the incident seriously.

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