Love For Mountains Is Never-Ending! 5 Ways and Tips for Travelling with Family


Tips for Travelling with Family

Usually in summers for vacations, one only thinks about hills, mountains and places at high altitude, Like- Shimla, or Mussoorie, or Kasauli, or Darjeeling etc. One just has the sense of hearing that the hills are calling during summers, especially with the temperatures elevated in the plains.

But before planning a trip to the higher altitudes with the family or friends in summer, one should first take care of five important things. Travelling to the hills for a vacation always sounds good, but the topography invites only tough and healthy tourists.

One should perfectly take care of the below mentioned 5 important health issues and then after should get ready for the trip to hills with the family.

Tips for Travelling with Family 1 Altitude sickness

Altitude sickness

Travelling to a hill station isn’t fun when one suffers with headaches, nausea, or shortness of breath–all the signs are of altitude sickness. The air at higher altitudes is thinner, and one needs to get used to it to survive it. If one is driving to a hill station, the change happens too quickly to get one’s body acclimatised. While some of them suffer from mild altitude sickness, but there are some for whom it can turn dangerous, even fatal. And the thing with altitude or mountain sickness is that it has nothing to do with one’s fitness levels. Even if one is a regular gym goer or a jogger, but can still fall sick as one go up the mountains. So, the best way is to consult a doctor and move to hilly trip with proper medication.

Tips for Travelling with Family 2 Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is much worse on the long-winding, high-altitude roads then steal away from every sight worth seeing on the hills. Mountain roads usually go inch by inch up, but are also into thin stretches. Most road transportation, whether it’s cars or buses, has to go up those roads with nearly threatening moments. Dizziness is just the start of motion sickness, and vomiting in a sick bag instead of enjoying the view can ruin any vacation. Consult the doctor for the same and be fit before travelling.

Tips for Travelling with Family 3 Building of Stamina

Building of Stamina

When one is on a trip to one’s favourite Shimla or Darjeeling restaurants can be discouraging if one is not fit enough. One doesn’t need to be thin to stay at a hills station, but has to be healthy to enjoy long and peaceful walks. If one is in habit of getting cramps then the trip would be worse up in the mountains. So the best way is to consult doctor and follow his instructions carefully.

Tips for Travelling with Family 4 Avoid Regular Smoking

Avoid Regular Smoking

Smoking decreases lungs’ capacity, and with the thin air in the hills, smokers have to fight tough time. One might be otherwise healthy, and still experience shortness of breath and coughing when on vacation. Even if one doesn’t get the urge to smoke while vacationing, regular smoking is always injurious to our lungs. The best way to overcome the problem is to leave smoking and do breathing exercises.

Tips for Travelling with Family 5 Unhealthy Gut

Unhealthy Gut

The food cooked in hills stations isn’t usually high on spices, but they are naturally meant to generate heat in the body. Hills are the land for the growth of dry fruits to chillies, hill stations are home to foods and are not used to digesting every day. One might crave everything from the chainsoo dal in Uttarakhand to the grilled sausages in Darjeeling or Sikkim, but digesting it properly will depend on the strength of the gut. Best way is to carry with one the food digester candies.

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