Best Places to Visit in Dubai

best place to visit in dubai

When we hear the name of Dubai, most probably one reminds of the wealthy sheikhs, desert safari, sultry belly dancers, sheesha, Arabian music, and all kinds of luxuries that our brain can imagine. The land of sheikhs is ornamented with astounding travel places that attract globetrotters from across latitudes and longitudes of this planet. In the last few decades, Dubai has witnessed a tremendous transformation. In the past, it was just a country near the Persian Gulf but, today it stands as an iconic country for architectural excellence, Gold souks, plush hotels and most happening shopping centres. Let’s have a look to top 5 travel places in Dubai.

Best Place to Visit in Dubai 1 Sharjah


Best Place to Visit in Dubai 2 Burj-Al-Arab


Best Place to Visit in Dubai 3 Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

Best Place to Visit in Dubai 4 Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Best Place to Visit in Dubai 5 Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

   “Dubai is the Most Beautiful City”

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