Experience Honeymoon in a Bubble: Have a Look to Some Bubble Hotels around the World

Experience Honeymoon in a Bubble

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If one has recently got married and now looking for the honeymoon drive then to give a different look one can go for the next best thing for their travel is to book for a bubble hotel. This could bring glamour and good intimacy between the partners and also it will be there forever in the memory. These gorgeous transparent bubbles would give unrestricted views of the night sky and surrounding landscape. One has various options to try, from snow domes to comfortable countryside cocoons. Let us have a look to the world’s best bubble hotels where one could create their honeymoon a surprise gift to themselves and would stay endless in memory

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 1 Beach Bubble at Finolhu, Maldives

Beach Bubble at Finolhu, Maldives

Beach Bubble at Finolhu, in Maldives is the best place to spend good time for the couples; this beach bubble room is perfect for couples looking out for a dreamy night under the stars with the crackling sound of the sea. One can also enjoy an amazing Maldivian style barbecue before one goes for the night of star gazing or sleep!

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 2 Buubble, Iceland

Buubble, Iceland

If one is in iceland and plan to do something different in life then, one can plan to stay in one of these bubble lodges at Buubble!  It is just a 70-minute drive from Reykjavik, all one has to do is switch off the lights, lie back and enjoy a colourful late-night sunset in summer or a vivid green aurora borealis in winter.

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 3 Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

Campera Hotel Burbuja, in Mexicois surrounded by neat rows of grapevines, this hotel is perfect if one love wines and bubble hotels! It gives a similar feeling of moving in a vineyard only with all the hotel facilities. The individual bubble rooms have their own lighting system, so one can switch to different colour lights at night!

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 4 Bubbletent, Australia

Bubbletent, Australia

If one loves the adventurous place then one can experience Bubbletent in Australia. This bubbletent is located at Capertree Valley which is the largest canyon in the world. They have fire pits, telescopes, floating beds, hammocks or a love swing to relax away!

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 5 Bubble Lodge, Mauritius 

Bubble Lodge, Mauritius

Bubble Lodge, in Mauritius is just off the coast of Madagascar. These bubble rooms are near a tea plantation, making it the most romantic view from a transparent bubble room!

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 6 Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain

Hotel Aire de Bardenas, Spain

If one is travelling to Spain and is looking to indulge in a unique adventure, book the stay at one of the amazing bubble rooms of Hotel Aire de Bardenas. Ramble up to the Bardenas National Park, the largest desert in Europe. One gets a wonderful time to enjoy the serenity of a sky full of stars.

Best Honeymoon Travel Tip 7 Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Wilderness Hotel Nellim

A beautiful bubble is situated in Northern Lapland in Finland. The Wilderness Hotel Nellim propels these coveted Aurora Bubbles. It’s easy to spend an entire evening gazing at the stars or watching the aurora borealis dance across the night sky from the warmth and comfort of one’s own glass-enclosed room!

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