How to Build Strong Relation: Does Love And Expectations Go Hand In Hand In A Relationship?

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Love and expectations can never run parallel to each other in a relationship. When one moves ahead with a healthy relationship, then there is no place of expectations.  Not only this, even if things are not going smoothly according to the desired expectation still one should try to cooperate at the optimum level. When our needs and those of our partner are met in a shared life which is build together, then one builds everything beautiful and decorates many of the dreams to get successful in healthy relationships. Talking about the way to touch a person’s heart is to talk about those things that are most important to him, touching someone’s heart means making the other person realize in a refined way that you accept his importance with a true heart. Debating with the person you may win over him but you will fail to win him over or win his heart. So, it is always advised to take care of those things which one should never do to maintain a long lasting relationships.

Healthy Relationship 1 Indulge In Discussions Not Arguments

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When the couples have healthy and loving relationship then never indulge in wrong and right, criticize the actions and do not convert discussions in two arguments as long as it is a discussion things remain under control but arguments at the level of expectation turns ugly and people may go to any point to prove themselves right. Try to understand each other instead of getting intertwined in contradiction. Change the topic if possible and reach to agreement rather than having an argument. One should trust the partner.

Healthy Relationship 2 Love Brings Togetherness and Expectation Distance

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Avoid complaining and accusing each other for the state of one’s marriage, and family, help each other in everyday tasks, divide the duties and responsibilities sensibly, so that both of them are carrying an equal burden and appreciate each other for the good work done and motivate each other at the time of failure and difficulties, so, here only love speaks not the expectation.

Healthy Relationship 3 Love Leads To Apology and Expectation to Misbehaviour

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Sometimes expectations create awkwardness with the partner; an act of misbehaviour, causing an emotional wound. This could be of any height from an insensitive comment to the height of unfaithfulness, but if one makes a sincere apology then one can maintain healthy relationship of love and affection.

Healthy Relationship 4 Expectation Creates Rudeness and Love to Hypnotism

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Rudeness always lend up in hatred. Never try to be rude and unreliable to the partner. Rudeness creates negative emotions and sometimes even makes the life so miserable that one decides not to live together. The love and politeness in our words makes personality attractive and also makes us popular among people, sweet voice works like hypnotism and can influence anyone, especially the partner. The wounds of the weapons heel with time but the wounds caused by harsh words do not heal given in a lifetime.

Healthy Relationship 5 Love Offers Compromises and Expectation Offers Resistance

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Some weaknesses after marriage is always better to first try and understand each other. Never hit back or quarrel for small issues once the knot has been tied. This makes the relationship bitter, try to compromise on each other’s weaknesses and pay attention to each other’s likes and dislikes. Then understanding goes into making love effective. Things that are out of control should be accepted open heartedly instead of resistant. Take time to appreciate each other and take interest in each other’s liking, hobby etc.

Healthy Relationship 6 Love Gives Strength and Expectation Gives Weakness

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The most dangerous situation in life is expectation and this happens only when one doesn’t take out quality time for each other and do not get enough time to understand each other and develops week strength of love bond. This will give space for building wrong misconceptions. The long space would be created and all the happiness of life will be stolen. Instead become each other’s pillar of strength, it is very important that husband and wife take out some quality time only for themselves every week, they should sit together talk to each other about everything, that is going on, in and around them. They should listen to each other’s problems and try to solve them timely.            

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