Half Kg Human Hair and Empty Shampoo Packets Removed from Girl’s Stomach in Tamil Nadu

hair and shampoo packets removed from girl stomach

A shocking news came from Tamil Nadu about a young girl. Many empty shampoo packets  and almost half kg of hair are removed from the young girl’s stomach. The young girl, who is in Class 7 was admitted to VGM hospital which is located in Coimbatore when she complained about stomach pains for the past few months. When she undergoes scanning a ball- like object was found in her stomach. The doctor tried his best in removing the object with the help of endoscopy. But the first attempt failed. The chairman of hospital Mohanprasadtold the news agency the ANI. Later the surgeon Gokol Kripashankar and his team got success in removing the ball- like object from the young girl’s stomach. The team removed a half kg of human hair and empty shampoo packets. Dr. Gokol said that the girl started consuming solid objects because she was mentally depressed after the death of a close relative from her family. The objects were left in her stomach for a long period of time which resulted in frequent pain.

Fortunately, the operation was successful and the girl is out of danger and has recovered fully.

This is not the first case when the doctors removed solid objects from any individual’s stomach. There were in the past also many such cases. A case of a mentally ill man also came in front of all of us in May 2019 when the doctors removed eight spoons, two screwdrivers, two toothbrushes, a door latch and a kitchen knife.

Similarly, in June 2019, a doctor in a government hospital in Udaipur removed around 80 solid objects which included keys, coins, from the stomach of a mentally ill person. After a month, in chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh a team of doctors removed solid objects like screwdrivers, razor blades from a man’s stomach after he complained of stomach pain from past few months and now this case from Tamil Nadu in which the doctors did a great job by removing all the solid from her stomach. 

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