Himachal Pradesh’s Manali Attracts Flocks of Tourists and Locals to Stay in Igloo

igloo stay in himachal

This year after a long time we have very cold winters. When the winters are so, chilling in plains then what to say about the hilly areas. If we talk about Manali, the jewel of Kullu valley is a place that provides one an awesome worth-seeing places with respect to its location, beautiful sightseeing, and astounding activities. This beautiful place exhibits exciting glamour in all seasons. This is such aplace where people enjoy in both the seasons. In summers, Manali opens a getaway from the scorching heat of the sun, while in winter people find the entire place decorated with the attire of white snow. Tourist attraction in himachal Pradesh always remains at the peak.

Himachal Pradesh tourist attraction in winters is due to snowfall and igloo. People enjoy the experience of living in an igloo. Tourists all across the world visit Manali to enjoy natural beauty. If one converse about the best season to visit Manali, travellers usually love coming to this hilly destination for the whole year except during the monsoon owing to heavy showers and landslides. Hence, it is not preferred to visit Manali during this time.

This year in 2020, the igloo stay in Manali has become a new attraction for tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh.

Although igloos are often associated with Eskimos, they were traditionally used by the people of Canada’s Central Arctic, Norway, and Greenland, where all around the year these areas are covered by dense snow and people forcefully have to live in an igloo.

But in India, it happens only in the winter season than in the hilly region. As the temperature in Himachal Pradesh goes below freezing point, therefore, people from across the country go there to get the experience of warm bedding in igloos which are built with snow.

People who have visited Manali, HP said that we have often heard about Igloo and even read about it in books but never got a chance to stay there. For the first time, people have seen this here in Manali, HP. So, they are staying here for a few days and experiencing it. During night time usually, the temperature drops down to -10 degrees celsius. But, there are proper facilities for the people created here and this is only the attraction for the tourists.

One of the tourists Dharmendra said he had come from Ahmedabad. There is no place like this in India. Igloo is a great concept. People very often travel to other foreign places to experience the stay in an igloo but India too, is not less, owners here have created the same environment. He also said he would suggest people visit here to experience such great fun.

But the owners of this place say it is very difficult to maintain the stay as it has to be maintained according to the temperature to meet out the comfort of the tourists.

Earlier, they used to make this for their own stay. When they had to go for skiing in high mountains the tent was not sufficient. Later, they got the idea of making this for people visiting here. They had carried out a proper study on the igloo and on what weather conditions this could be built. Though it remains very difficult to provide facilities to people they are trying our best.

Thanks to the owners for doing such a great job for us. The igloos are very well decorated with lights and the comfortable temperature inside it. The stay is much enjoyable.

“The Best Place To Stay In Himachal For Tourist”

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