To all beer freaks out there: Check out these 7 homemade Beer Brands you “Must Try”

homemade Beer Brands

❒ Which beer brand you like the most?

When I asked this question from a few colleagues of mine, the answers I received were either Tuborg, Corona, Budweiser, Carlsberg or Heineken. I couldn’t find anyone experimenting with home breweries and giving ordinary brands a try.

If you have kept yourself updated with the latest events in the country, the Delhi authorities have banned the largest beer makers Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev). Unfortunately, this ban is valid for 3 long years that include in Delhi but that’s not restricted to Budweiser, Corona, Stella, and others. Also, it unquestionably isn’t the foremost ban we have witnessed in the country. So I take this opportunity to give you some perfect homegrown, locally processed beer brands.



This has to be on your list definitely. Your trip to Goa is incomplete without trying their locally prepared king’s light and crispy black label beer. You get to taste in a short and solid bottle. The cost of the king’s beer pint hardly costs around 40-50 rupees with its light, pastel beer with a smoky malt aroma. Also, it comes gluten-free. You will be amazed to know that the recent beer formed by the brand is prepared with full patience and foamed at a short temperature providing it a distinct taste. You can access the king’s now in different areas of the country too. So, don’t forget to try it next time you catch it up.

Doolally’s Apple Cidar


Doolally’s Apple Cidar in Pune and Mumbai is definitely going to blow your mind. This one’s perfect for those you aren’t fond of sour beer. There are various outlets all around Mumbai and Pune of this microbrewery offering their ironic craft beers. Come on a beer session with your friends and you surely won’t be disappointed with beer or the aura.



Almost everybody must have tasted and had remarkable times with a cool pint of a kingfisher. Being India’s greatest breweries that influence almost half the market share, this popular beer is manufactured by the United Breweries group which is possessed by notorious Vijay Mallya. It is still considered one of the best India’s locally fabricated beers.

Bira 91


Manufactured by B9 beverages in Bangalore, Bira 91- the craft beer is one of the recent newcomers in the market. This is the finest beer for everyone who doesn’t like the unsweetened post-taste affiliated with beer.

White Rhino


Founded in 2016, this is the foremost Indian brewery that prepared and bottled craft beer in India. Situated in Malanpur, white Rhino is exported to the UK now. This beer is the very first premium domestic craft beer to be served to consumers in bottles. Presently, White Rhino retails in Delhi and Guru Gram.

White owl


Started as a Lower Parel in Mumbai, later white owl was established as ‘microbrewery’ in Mumbai by Javed Murad in the year 2013. Their premium craft beer is available at economical prices. They consist of 8 divergent brews that are sold in Delhi, Pune, Goa, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. These beers are made by utilizing old-world and new-age styles as well. Visit here and try some special homemade which is bursting with exotic flavors like chocolate, banana, citrus, and cinnamon.



Comparatively to others, samba is a new member of the craft beer market. Launched in 2016 by Prabhtej Bhatia, it brings 2 variants with it, a stout and a wheat beer. You can find this beer in multiple cities like Goa, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Kolkata, Assam, and Chhattisgarh. And the best part is their production process. Simba is manufactured in lesser batches to guarantee quality control and to perpetuate the equal amount of flavors per batch. While Simba stout has a pinch of coffee and chocolate, Simba’s wheat beer comes with a unique taste of orange peel, oats, and roast barley. Must try this too!

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