Hindu Girl Abducted From Wedding Venue, Converter, Married Off in Pakistan

hindu converted to muslim in pakistan

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With this latest news at least now opposition should understand the Need for CAA, they should open up all their senses ears, eyes, nose, touch and taste and above all the brain, as this would help to think positively and will help to move ahead on the right path. One should respect the act which is passed in the Parliament recently, and should be proud of it, at least by this law our minorities in Pakistan will no longer suffer and respectfully they can be called back home.

Opposing parties should stop playing politics at the cost of human life and also stop spreading fake news in the society. Most of the people who are involved in such activities are not well educated and they get easily moulded by the fake news. A strong opposition is good but on healthy grounds, not the wrecked politics.

Hindu Minorities Converted To Muslim in Pakistan

Pakistani Hindu Girls are being tortured continuously in Pakistan.  In a recent case of Hindu Converted to Muslim in Pakistan came into news on 26th January, 2020. In Sindh province, where several cases of abduction, conversion and marriage of young Hindu girls have been reported in the recent past, another case got highlighted on Sunday (26.01.2020).

How Hindu Exist as Minority in Pakistan

Hindus exist as minorities in Pakistan, It is not that these Hindus are living in Pakistan by their choice, rather it all happened because of Nehru and Liyaqat Khan. Though Gandhiji was not in favour of partition but Jawaharlal Nehru and Liyaqat khan implemented it forcibly. During this partition, it was said that all Muslims will live in Pakistan and Hindus will live in India. So, people started migrating, Hindus to India and Muslims to Pakistan, but this migration became violent and lots of Hindus were killed by Muslims. Some Hindus were not able to come to India and are living as minorities in Pakistan whereas some Muslims could not migrate to Pakistan and became minorities of India.

Though, it was decided by Nehru and Liyaqat khan that we will respect and give equal rights to minorities of our country. India followed with sincerity and loved Muslims and gave them all the rights, respected their religion and also gave high posts in India. But Pakistan could not keep its words, they continued torturing Hindus and forcibly changing their religion by forcing women to marry Muslim boy. Since the independence 70 years have passed and Hindu population in Pakistan is decreased tremendously and in India the Muslim community increased.

Need For CAA

Now to give justice to Hindu minorities in Pakistan the CAA has been passed in the parliament such that all the minorities (Hindus, Christian, Sikh, etc. except Muslims ) of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh can come back respectfully to their home, India.  But, our opposition parties started portraying it wrong to the Muslims and aggravated them which arose all the Muslims to anti CAA protest, whereas all the Muslims are very much safe here and no one is asking them to go back. But still they don’t want to listen and unnecessary making chaos in the nation.

Hindu Converted To Muslim in Pakistan

Amidst this protest, a recent case of a 24-year-old Hindu woman in Pakistan was allegedly kidnapped by assailants under the supervision of local police authorities from her wedding venue in Hala, a city located in Matiari district in Sindh province, about 215 km away from the provincial capital Karachi. The woman Bharti Bai, was then forcefully converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man.

Bharti was to be married to a Hindu man in Hala city, when unknown attackers allegedly stormed the venue and kidnapped her. Bharti Bai, father Kishore Das said his daughter’s marriage ceremony was taking place and in the meantime the kidnapper named Shah Rukh Gul came with several men along with policemen and seized his daughter away in broad daylight.

After the hijack, a picture of Bharti along with documents of her conversion to Islam and marriage to Shah Rukh Gul went viral on social media.

Bharti’s documents of conversion reflected that, she had been converted to Islam on December 1, 2019, and this would be the reason why she was taken away from her wedding venue.

According to the conversion certificate, Bharti’s new name of Islam is ‘Bushra’. Jamiat-ul-Uloom Islamia, located at Allama Muhammad Yousuf Banuri town in Karachi, issued the certificate of Bharti’s conversion. The conversion was witnessed and certified by Mufti AbuBakar Saeed ur Rehman.

The National Identity Card details reflected her permanent address is in Hala. But her temporary address is of Gulshan Iqbal area in Karachi, which could be taken as her current area of residence.

Though things are not very clear, it is still uncertain as to when she got married to Muslim boy, Shah Rukh Gul. However, her marriage certificate aka nikkah document shows that the Muslim man is also a resident of Hala. Shah Rukh, the son of Nisar Ahmed, is also 24 years old.

The family of Bharti aka Bushra has now appealed and demanded their daughter’s return to them back, who they claim was kidnapped by Shah Rukh under the supervision and presence of local police authorities.

It is also being claimed that the news of her marriage prompted Shah Rukh Gul to go to the police and claim that Bharti aka Bushra was his wife and being married off by her parents to a Hindu man illegally.

The latest news update is based on the details gathered from locals in Hala, this issue has raised serious concerns and gave a feeling of insecurity amongst the Hindu community in Pakistan. They have raised their voices to the Imran Khan-led government of its promises to provide security to minorities in the country.

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