Hot chocolate helps to boost memory and Immunity

hot chocolate benefits for brain

All around the globe, people are crazy about hot chocolates, as chocolate helps to boost memory. Highly popular in all kinds of celebrations, like birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, festivals, guest visits, gifts to children may be of any age. In general, its high sugar and fat content make chocolate a snack for people to enjoy themselves. But consumers and experts are keen to find hidden depths to this wonder.

In short, we can say loved by most of the people from 6 months onwards. But, still, things are not clear, are they having health benefits?

The studies on the basis of ingredients present in hot chocolate gave some evidence that consumption of chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, may be linked to improving depressive symptoms said by Dr. Sarah Jackson, from UCL.

Dr. Jackson said it a connecting relationship between eating dark chocolate/Hot chocolate and depression. Therefore, scientists have to understand the biological mechanism to conclude what type and how much quantity people should consume for “optimal depression prevention and management”.

Hot chocolate is a brain booster and also supposed to be the perfect bedtime drink to send one to sleep. It is thought that they widen blood vessels, boosting blood flow to the brain.

Hot chocolate helps to boost memory by stimulating the release of chemicals more normally associated with sex and exercise.

It was also found that a 500mg dose of flavanols was more effective than a higher dose; the study was carried out at the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Centre at Northumbria University.

If one is consuming more fruits and vegetables containing polyphenols, the memory gets sharpened.

Chocolate helps to boost memory 1 Hot Chocolate

Researchers found that it contains a number of psychoactive ingredients (ingredients that trigger brain function) which help in producing a feeling of intense excitement and happiness. It also restrains phenylethylamine, a neuromodulator that is believed to be regulating people’s moods.

Hot chocolate also constitutes a higher concentration of flavonoids, antioxidant chemicals that have been exposed to improve challenging profiles, which play a role in the onset of depression. Flavanols are a group of compounds named polyphenols, which are also abundant in red wine, tea, olive oil, onions, leeks, broccoli, and blueberries.

Flavanols also help in removing inflammation linked to heart disease and remove the dangerous blood clots. They also keep diabetes and high blood pressure under control.

❍ Chocolate helps to boost memory 2 Mood enhancing

Chocolate is widely reported to have mood‐enhancing properties because of this factor there arose a need to study chocolate and depression together.

Globally, depression is a widespread issue. We usually talk of therapies and medication treatments but therapies are often oversubscribed, so doctors, in general, prescribe antidepressants.

But again there was a problem as; these medications are not tolerated by everyone. It was also observed that most of the people stop taking within 6 weeks of beginning treatment.

Medications are truly difficult to maintain consistency, so, it is always better to have a good lifestyle that can improve depressive symptoms in priority. Yoga, Pranayama, and meditation appear to benefit some people with depression, but this also does not help everyone, and moreover everyone is not able to exercise on a regular basis.

So, over the years, scientists had transformed into dietary interference to reduce depressive symptoms and were also successful. With this concept, the authors of the latest study explain that the commonly consumed foodstuff which can be mood‐enhancing assets is chocolate.”

Chocolate helps to boost memory 3 How Dark Chocolate/Hot Chocolate Could Boost Brain Health, Immunity

A recent study concluded that dark chocolate could cause brain health benefits and strengthen the immune system also.

They assessed depressive symptoms with the Patient Health Questionnaire, which is a regular diagnostic tool for mental health disorders.

Overall, 11% of people approx. 1,332 participants reported eating chocolate and amongst these, 148 reported eating dark chocolate.

People who ate chocolate had a higher household income. They were also observed to become nonsmokers and also were not obese; this showed a good change and also good health benefits.

“Hot Chocolates Act as an Antidepressant but Too Much Is Always Bad”

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