Know the Facts of Current Situation in Delhi, Why you Should Stop Protesting Against CAA/NRC

Latest News Updates

Latest News Updates -Delhi Violence

Plea from Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today (26.02.2020), the army should be immediately called in and curfew should be imposed in Northeast Delhi where violence has claimed 20 lives.

Facts of the Current Laws

  • Since December 15, 2019, the violence is going on across the country, after the CAA bill got passed in the parliament and the opposition out of jealousy evoked people with fake news:
  • The Muslims would be thrown out, which has nothing to do with this matter.
  • Documents will be asked to show, this also, CAA doesn’t say
  • In CAA, all the religion except Muslims will be given citizenship; this is true because, the bill says all the minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan living in India since 2014 will be given citizenship, because the minorities of these three countries are severely tortured by their rulers as all the three countries are Islamic countries and Muslims are in Majority, they are living lavishly there and also they are respected there.
  • India is only one country where Hindus can take shelter, so, looking to this law was made for the safety of the minorities of our neighbouring countries.
  • India is already surrounded by Islamic terrorist in the borders of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and trying to enter and many have already entered, for all these activities “Pakistan Intelligence agency ISI” is the supporting masterminds of terrorism.
  • Earlier they were creating problem in Kashmir, now have moved to the heart of India, only because of the ill mindset of our politicians sitting in oppositions for transferring wrong and fake information among the illiterate people only because of their vote bank politics, they cannot allow BJP to rule soundly.
  • The oppositions are well aware that CAA is good for the country, but to win the battle with BJP making fool of general people which the people are not aware of.
  • The opposition is also blaming for NRC, which has not yet come and nothing has been framed for this till now, but still, Congress party has spread this like fire, again misinformation by this party.
  • Rather this NRC should be implemented in our country, such that all miscreants can be thrown out of the country, which we call as “ghuspaithiye”.
  • All ghuspaithiye are the terrorist who want to suck the peace of a nation. But these miscreants are fed by the “tukde tukde gang” of our country for the vote bank politics. They have been given illegal identification of our country and these people are only creating violence, which is recently seen in North East Delhi.
  • These terrorist are only spreading the fake news and flooding the social media with wrong information to create havoc in the society and also creating violence by all kinds of “gunda gardi”, burning the shops, killing people, burning vehicles, stealing things and pelting the stones etc. They are completely creating “dehshat” in the society.
  • These miscreants are unnecessary spreading the news that Muslims are being tortured by Hindus, but believe in good news channel they are showing neck to neck information, nothing of this kind is happening and only the ISI and PFI agencies are doing this and playing a very filthy role by  creating fight and differences between Hindus and Muslims.
  • So Indians of any religion please stay united, don’t let terrorist to ruin our beautiful country. Cooperate with each other and together throw the terrorism out of the country.  
  • We have such an excellent government support them and make our land heaven and set an example of “Unity in Diversity” for other countries.
  • People are also fooled for NPR, it is just the population count of a country, but again due to vote bank politics oppositions is unnecessary aggravating people with wrong information, that you have to show the documents, if you will not have the documents then again you will be thrown out of the country, but nothing of this kind is going to happen.
  • The main purpose of opposition is to turn down the existing government and take them over, by any means. May be for this thousands of people give their life for the self interest of politicians.

Violence in Delhi

The violence started in Delhi on Monday (24.02.2020), the day when President Trump and his family landed in India, got aggravated on Tuesday (25.02.2020), when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and United States President Donald Trump held discussions on several issues, including trade, defence and other deals. This was an intentional approach to spoil the glory of the country and also to spoil the dignity of the government.

Due to this violence, on Monday (24.02.2020), a Delhi Police constable and three civilians had died in the clashes that broke out between the protesting groups supporting and against the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). But in these clashes the third party ISI (Islamic Agency) took advantage of the whole situation.

As violence continued on Tuesday, the Union Home Ministry drafted in IPS officer SN Srivastava as the New Delhi Police Special Commissioner (Law and Order), had send back from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) to take control of the situation in the national capital. He later attended a security review meeting called at Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence.

In the early evening, the Delhi Police said they had sped their investigations involving anti-social elements and 11 FIRs have been filed against those involved in the violence.

Security Set Up in North East Delhi

All the government and private schools in Northeast Delhi are closed today and CBSE board exams scheduled in the centres of these areas are postponed.

The CBSE took this decision “based on the request of the Directorate of Education and the government of Delhi, to avoid inconvenience to students, staff and parents”.

Delhi Police spokesperson Mandeep Randhawa said the situation in Northeast Delhi is under control even as several parts of the national capital continued to spool under violence and general public out of fear are staying in their houses only.

From time to time the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is issuing an advisory to all private satellite television channels asking them to be careful about content that may provoke violence or encourage “anti-national” attitudes.

The advisory had repeated many times to all the TV channels to be particular about sending the peace and calm messages to the public and asking them to be cautious with regard to any content which is likely to encourage or provoke violence, or contains anything against the maintenance of law and order or which promotes anti-national attitudes.

After Affects of Violence The death toll in the violence in northeast Delhi raised to 20 on Wednesday (26.02.2020) and 250 people got injured; many of them are in critical conditions. Most of the victims, including a Head Constable, died of bullet injuries. Starting from Sunday (23.02.2020) till date, the national capital is facing violence with mobs of men wandering parts of northeast Delhi with rods and sticks, setting houses and shops on fire. This was beyond the expectation of Delhi Police, as mobs ran riot on the streets and attacked people. Large number of police personnel too got injured. Earlier on Wednesday (26.02.2020), the Delhi High Court issued notice to the Commissioner of Delhi Police, seeking a response by 12.30 pm the same day on action taken against those allegedly inciting violence in the national capital.

Appeal by the Government

Maintain Peace and Harmony and avoid giving any importance to the fake news spread by the politicians or miscreants. Have a good control of your self-analysis.

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