Nature and Wildlife Tour: Best Travel Destination is Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island travel destinations

Travel Destinations for Nature Lovers

The best destination for nature lovers is the Kangaroo Island (Australia). Sometimes these places gets overlooked by one, but one will be surprised to know that, in spite of being a beautiful island still people do not set their priority to visit this place, the main reason is because of the wild life. 

Australia offers one to see; wild landscapes, rough beaches and an abundance of incredible wildlife. Almost one third of Kangaroo Island is covered by a national park and conservation area, which makes Australia a perfect paradise and a worth seeing place.  

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 1 Visit Time

kangaroo island travel destinations

One can visit Kangaroo Island throughout the year but the highest rainfall occurs in the winter months (June to August). Perhaps the ideal time to visit is spring or autumn.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 2 Adelaide Stay

kangaroo island travel destinations

One visiting Australia should always make a programme to stay a night or two in Adelaide before or after the trip to Kangaroo Island, such that one can explore the city and relax on the beach.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 3 Visit to Kangaroo Island

kangaroo island travel destinations

To visit Kangaroo Island, one has to live Adelaide hotel early and by taking a 30 minute scenic coach ride out to Cape Jervis, then one has to board the 45 minute ferry to Kangaroo Island. It appears to be pretty smooth sailing, but it is one of the roughest patches of ocean around Australia, so it is not a smooth sailing. However, one will find dolphins following and the journey has to be very quick. If one wants the journey to be less dangerous then, one can choose the sea plane.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 4 Duration of Stay

kangaroo island travel destinations

Usually people underestimate the size and beauty of the island. As, we know that Australia is the third largest island and it measures 96 miles long and 34.5 miles wide – seven times the size of Singapore. If one has the time to linger on the trip then at least should stay for 3 days.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 5 Kangaroo Island Accommodation

kangaroo island travel destinations

There are wide variety of places where one can stay on Kangaroo Island; there are various little boutique hotels and B&B’s of 3-4 star standard are easily available.

Key places one can go for accommodation are Penneshaw (near to the ferry port) and Kingscote (to the west of the island). The Aurora Ozone on the seafront in Kingscote is a really great accommodation option for families, with room types ranging from standard rooms to 3-bed townhouses which are unbelievably spacious. If one is looking for exceptionally special, the Southern Ocean Lodge is there. It is an exclusive, luxury lodge balanced on a cliff at Hanson Bay with the stunning views that epitomize Kangaroo Island. But it will be very expensive.

Kangaroo Island highlights

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 6 Honey bee farming

kangaroo island travel destinations

Kangaroo Island is home to the only sanctuary in the world for Ligurian bees (the world’s purest strain of bee) making the honey unique and famous in its own right. One can see how the honey is produced from start to finish. The real highlight was sampling the different varieties of honey and their truly delicious honeycomb ice cream.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 7 Flinders Chase National Park and the Remarkable Rocks

kangaroo island travel destinations

Flinders Chase is one of the oldest National Parks in South Australia and home to the Remarkable Rocks. These giant granite stones rest on dramatically on the cliff edge and look really amazing against the glowing sun, with a golden tinge.

On the southwest coast there are two other famous features; the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse and the Admirals Arch, which are not far from the Remarkable Rocks. If one follows the walkway past the lighthouse one will reach a rocky bridge with jagged stalactites sheltering an abundance of brown seals, which are lying around on the smooth rocks below.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 8 Abundant and Free-Roaming Native Wildlife

kangaroo island travel destinations

This will be the most surprising visit as one would happen to see hundreds of kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, koalas, pelicans, seals, sea lions and echidnas just roaming free!

If one loves the wildlife then one should visit Seal Bay, home to the country’s third-largest sea lion colony. One can only reach the sea lion beach as part of a tour group, but it’s well worth it to get up and close to so many of them lazing and frolicking along the shore. If one has the time, then one could also visit a penguin colony at the Penneshaw Centre which is near to the ferry terminal.

Seal Beach is also a great location to spot some of the 250 species of birds that inhabit the island, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 9 Gourmet food

kangaroo island travel destinations

One will find a massive gourmet food and wine scene on the island. Spread across the island are small restaurants serving home-produced wines and locally sourced ingredients of excellent quality. One can also go for the seafood and homemade cheeses.

Australia’s Nature and Wildlife Tour 10 Need Even More Reasons to Visit

kangaroo island travel destinations

There’s a beach to suit everyone, with 540km of coastline surrounding the Kangaroo Island, long stretches of soft, white sand and safe clear waters to take a dip in. One could join a group and make a scuba diving trip to some of around 60 shipwrecks or witness the untouched, colourful coral on this part of the coast. Kangaroo Island is also home to Vivonne Bay, which has been voted one of Australia’s best beaches by Sydney University.

One can also turn the holidays into activity-filled holidays by doing kayaking, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, dolphin swimming, quad-biking and many more.

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