Bigg Boss 13: Finally Siddharth Shukla Revealed About Rashmi and His Relationship

sidharth shukla and rashmi desai relationship

With the coming end of Bigg Boss 13, the fights between the housemates gets uglier. The biggest fight of the season takes place between Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi Desai. The two have previously worked together in a TV show Dil se Diltak where the real fight between them began.

In the last episode,Rashmi Desai was seen crying after Shukla called her ‘aisiladki’. However, when Rashmi started revealing about her past with Siddharth, he threatened her saying that he too would spill the beans. He was heard saying “baharkibaatkartihai. Jis din main karne par aa gayana. Peechakartekarte Goa pahunchgayithi.”

Vaishnavi Mahant, who was a part of Dil se Diltak, revealed that Rashmi Desai was right in accusing Siddharth of his bad behavior. She said “He had a problem with a male co-star. He, Sidharth, even misbehaved with him. In my opinion, Sidharth was to be blamed here. That boy (Sidharth’s co-star) was doing his work and Sidharth would deliberately use dirty language against him on the sets in front of everyone. He (Sidharth) would make fun of his mannerisms and acting. That boy (Sidharth’s co-star) wasn’t a newcomer. He had acted before. So, I thought that was unprofessional (on Sidharth Shukla’s part) because that boy later refused to work with Sidharth.”

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth Shukla will bring up some shocking revelations from the past. The promos of show, Siddharth is shown answering the questions about his and Rashmi Desai’s past where Siddharth is seen saying “I loved Rashmi Desai a lot”.

Siddharth confesses that all the mess between them was created by Rashmi and he does not understand why everyone is blaming him. Siddharth is asked about his relationship with Rashmi at present to which he replies that it changes every month. Rashmi is heard saying in the next scene that if Siddharth taunts her, she taunts him back. 

Siddharth was also asked about his and Shahnaz Gill relationship to which he chose to remain silent. 

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