Pakistan PM Imran Khan Says Nurses Looked Like ‘Hoors’ After One Injection

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday (28.01.2020) gave a very Funny Comment while addressing an event in Karachi. Imran Khan Funny Comment was that nurses, who worked at the hospital looked like “hoors” after a doctor attending him and gave an injection that calmed his pain.

PM Khan fortunately was addressing an event when he recited his suffering of breaking bones, and carelessly said that after his pain was calm the nurses appeared as “hoors” (deities), to him.

In fact, PM Imran Khan during a 2013 election campaign fell from the stage and he was in deep pain due to the injuries, but after landing up at Shaukat Khanum Hospital,  Dr Asim attended him and gave the pain killer injection, after a while all his pain had vanished. This relief could make him to speak well and highly relieved from the pain, he had also revealed that the nurses too looked like “hoors” to him at that time. A loud laugh in the audience was heard.

Imran Khan Funny Comment

Besides this, Imran Khan’s Mockery was on heights saying soon after the injection was pushed into his body, he thought all his problems magically vanished, and so did his “memory”. “He didn’t even remember what he said. But when the injection’s effect went away, my pain was back.

The doctors refused when the Pakistan PM, urged the doctors and the nurses at the hospital to give him the injection again to relieve the pain but the doctors threatened him with the consequences of the injection.

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