Sharjeel Imam Held in Bihar, Set to be Brought Back

sharjeel imam arrested

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Desh Dhroi Sharjeel Imam got arrested from Jehanabad, in Bihar on (28.01.2020). He was arrested due to his anti nation remarks; “cut off Assam” from the chicken neck of India. Such anti nationalist people should be strictly dealt with and should be given life term imprisonment and they are not less than a terrorist. It is easy to fight with terrorist coming from other countries, but the terror spread by these anti nationalist with in the country is very tough to deal. His complete gang should be well exposed and his connections with the Islamic countries, countries funding him for his violent activities etc. Such dreadful Desh dhrohi terrorist should be given “kale paani ki saja”. They are shameless creatures, using all the resources of nation and back biting the nation itself.

“Jis Thaali mai khaate hain usi mai ched karte hai”

❍ Sharjeel Imam Arrested From Bihar

JNU is now no longer an educational platform it has become the platform of anti national activities which is provocated by Congress and Left Parties. Students have now assembled in “tukde tukde gang” and do all illegal activities which they should not do nor should be allowed to do. They have started taking laws in their hands and it is the right time for the government to take legal actions on such types of students and should be rusticated from the university. When one or two cases of such kinds will take place, then it will be a great lesson to the other students. These anti nationalist students have spoiled the reputations of such good universities like JNU, Jamia Millia, AMU, Jadavpur University etc. Students should behave like students only, not the ruiling authorities, how dare they could damage the public property and do all “gunda gardi” at the sacred place of teachings.

One of the anti national heroes is Sharjeel Imam, the former JNU student and one of the key organisers of the Shaheen Bagh protest, where the life and daily routine of lakhs of people are being affected. Sharjeel landed in a major controversy over a controversial remark for breaking the nation from the chicken neck has been arrested from Bihar’s Jehanabad on Tuesday (28.01.2020)

From five states across the country, agitation cases have been lodged against Sharjeel Imam. Now, Delhi Police Crime branch has arrested Sharjeel Imam from Jehanabad in Bihar. He was declared “wanted immediately” by the Home Minister Amit Shah, he was on the eagle eye of police for the past 4-5 days since his anti national speech video went viral. He will now be flown down to New Delhi for further investigation and tough questioning.

He had released many videos against the nation and aggravating Muslims across the country by his “bhadkau bhashan”. Even Amit Shah said he is more dangerous than Kanhayia Kumar.  The great anti nationalist Desh dhroi Sharjeel Imam had suggested Assam should be cut off from mainland India.

Delhi Police did the smart work to arrest Sharjeel, earlier on Tuesday, police had also picked Sharjeel Imam’s brother over the anti-CAA protesters and giving inflammatory speeches at the AMU protest.

Bihar’s CM Nitish Kumar on the Sharjeel Imam’s arrest said “Nobody is allowed to do anything that is not in the interest of the nation. The accusations and the arrest, court will decide on the matter.”

Sharjeel Imam had been playing a great role in organizing the anti CAA protests at many places across India and the recent ongoing protest at Shaheen Bagh. But this fact got highlighted after a video clip which went viral wherein he could be heard making some controversial comments while addressing a gathering at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), from where he was also booked under sedition charges.

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Delhi Police had also claimed that he had given an “inflammatory (Bhadkau)” speech earlier on the Jamia Milia Islamia campus and there was also lodged an FIR against him in the national capital.

Another case on him was lodged under the stringent anti-terror law against him in Assam, the Desh dhroi Imams remark on Assam revealed that, it could be “detached from India, even if not for long but for a few months also would serve their purpose” against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA).

Police in Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh had also lodged FIRs against the JNU student, over his speech in which he threatened to “cut off” Assam and the northeast from the rest of the country.

His mother had appeared before the media and claimed that her son was “not a law-breaker and would surrender to the investigating agencies” and that he had been in favour of “calling off” the agitation at Shaheen Bagh, which has been in news for 24X7 protest, mostly by women.

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