The Best Places In Delhi Where you Can Take Instagrammable Pictures. 

Best places for photoshoot in Delhi

If we ask people nowadays what they love the most, then definitely Instagram will be the answer. Currently, Instagram is not just a platform for social interaction but a way of life for people, especially influencers. Celebrities and people who have businesses, as it is one of the largest social media platforms where you can reach out to millions of people in just minutes. For all these users, the most popular thing to do is take pictures and make a reel, whether you are just a common user or have thousands of followers. 

Just take a good picture, make some edits, add a good caption, hashtags, and location to let people know where you were at the time of taking that picture, and the job is done. This is how Instagram users reach their followers, and it is also how businesses reach more and more audiences. The most important thing one should have while creating engaging content or just clicking pictures for memories and fun is the backdrop or anything that can help take a good picture. Good pictures always need a good location to click. New Delhi is one of the most aesthetic places where you can get those Instagrammable pictures. 

Here are some locations in New Delhi where you can take those Instagrammable pictures: 

Agrasen Ki Baoli 

What’s better than a place where Amir Khan shot one of his hit films, PK? Yes! It’s Agrasen Ki Baoli. If you want your ethnic wear pictures clicked aesthetically with sort of an ancient backdrop, then this is your place. Agrasen Ki Baoli is a 60-metre-long and 15-metre-wide historical stepwell situated on the Hailey Road near Connaught Place, New Delhi. A protected monument by an archaeological survey of India. Though it is not known exactly who built it, it is believed that legendary king Agrasen built it. 

Best places for photoshoot in Delhi

Hauz Khas Fort 

Another ancient location that can give a whole natural and ancient photograph is Hauz Khas Fort. Situated near the Hauz Khas village, known for its amazing architecture. It is believed that it was built in the 15th century by Alauddin Khalji. The corridors of the fort have that beautiful view of water where pictures can be clicked. The whole Hauz Khas is surrounded by aesthetic cafes, a mosque, and royal waters. 

Best places for photoshoot in Delhi

Sunder Nursery 

If you want your pictures to be clicked with the surrounding heritage, lakes, and gardens, then Sunder Nursery is your place. Delhi’s finest heritage park is listed among the 100 greatest places in the world by Times magazine. It took almost 10 years to create this heritage site, which has 300 tree species, lakes, and a venue for cultural performances. You can enjoy the weekend with your friends and have a beautiful, nature-surrounded photoshoot with your iPhone or DSLR. 

Best places for photoshoot in Delhi

Majnu Ka Tilla 

One of the best places to visit in Delhi is Majnu Ka Tilla, a place that people are crazy about nowadays. Delhiites call it “The Little Piece Of Tibetan Heaven”. Over the years, the Tibetan community has become the hub of photographers, food lovers, and people who love aesthetic vibes. The Tibetan cum Korean cum Japanese ambience, the fragrance of incense sticks, the steam of momo, and the prettiest cafes you have ever seen What do you want more than this for your weekend Instagram stories?

Best places for photoshoot in Delhi

Lodhi Art District 

Lodhi Colony was the last housing estate built by the British, which bears a rich history in Delhi’s timeline for its iconic architecture. 50 renowned street artists from across the world have been invited to create the Lodhi Art District making it India’s first art district now visited by the everyday individual to foreign tourists and international dignitaries. Since 2015, it has become a house of photographers, video editors, influencers and people who love art. 

Best places for photoshoot in Delhi