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Since the CAA was implemented in India on December 11, 2019, there after Anti CAA protest is in continuation in different parts of India in bits, as and when aired by the opposition parties (Congress, Left, TMC and SP parties) spread around the nation. These parties are spreading the fake news among the Muslim community and provoking them for creating in disciplinary attitude in the country.

Know the Facts of CAA, NRC and NPR

There is a sense of confusion between CAA, NRC and NPR. Government has brought into focus CAA not NRC. NRC had already existed in the Law since 1955 and it was amended in 2003-2004 by the congress government, when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister. National Register of Citizens (NRC) is not a religion-based exercise but “whoever does not meet out the eligibility will be excluded and will be sent out of the country as many illegal people have migrated in the country.

Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), has been recently brought by this government and only seeks to provide citizenship to those minorities who were mistreated in three neighbouring nations (Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan).  This is nothing to do with Indians who are already living peacefully.

It is very clear that neither the NRC exercise nor the CAA will hurt any Indian Muslims or any other religion. They should be cool and calm.

NRC is crucial in a nation as no nation will allow criminals to take their citizenship without proper channels.

NPR is the National Population Register (NPR) which is being prepared at the local (Village/sub-Town), sub-District, District, State and National level under provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. It is mandatory for every normal resident of India to register in the NPR. A normal resident is recognized on the basis of NPR as a person who has resided in a local area for the past 6 months or more or a person who is going to reside in that area for the next 6 months or more.

Reason behind the Protest

The main reason behind it is that for the 2nd term BJP has won majority and is ruling India. It is becoming very hard for the congress to digest the fact and because of this even Rahul Gandhi had been putting all nonsense allegations on PM for Rafale deal etc., he had also made derogatory remarks on such a dignified person and dignified post. There is a saying “Jaisa Raja waisi Praja” this is what happening in the Congress party.

Congress party which had ruled for 70 years and did nothing productive except filling their own bags, this is the reason, the cases are filed against almost all the leaders of congress party and are on bail. All the cards of congress party are now opening one by one from the history by this government like, Kashmir 370, Ayodhya issue, Teen Talak issue, CAA issue etc. When such good things will be done and will be accepted by all the general people then they would lose their identity.

This has made them in secured and now playing witty role by provoking people against the government, making people to speak derogatory words for PM Modi and Amit Shah, as they are the back bone for bringing good revolution in the country and their soul lies in patriotism. They want to raise India and Indians, but these opposition parties are trying to pull their legs, but oppositions are not aware that they are very strong and keep high energy to raise the nation. This violence will not shake them.

Muslim community though not aware of the truth behind the Citizenship Amendment Act is unnecessary violating the CAA and becoming the voices of Congress party, which was fired by Mani shankar Ayar a few days back. He totally spoke in favour of Pakistan, spoke nonsense for Modi government, Aiyar taking hold of Congress leader remarked “neech” to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The list of several such derogatory remarks had been spoken by opposition leaders against Modi. “Yamraj, Maut ka Saudagar, Ravan, Gandi Nali Ka keeda, Monkey, Rabies Victim, Virus, Bhasmasur, Gangu Teli, Goon, chor etc. These are some words or phrases Congress has used for PM @narendramodi in the past. PM is so cool, even after listening to such humiliating words, still he said not much has changed, we wish them well. We will continue to serve 125 crore Indians.

Our India require such faithful leaders who are only for the nation, truly god should always be with them for strength and wisdom. If people would peacefully follow their strategies, no doubt we can defeat all the countries in no time. Keep faith on our faithful PM Modi.  After 70 years we have got such a great leader who is only for people, God has sent him for us. Support him in the development of this country. There are requests please open your eyes and stop doing all the nonsense backed by the oppositions. It is better to use your own wisdom and then react to the conditions. Don’t ruin the country by your own hands.

Politics behind the Shaheen Bagh Protest 

Assembly elections are close by in Delhi which is on February 8, 2020. Many Opposition leaders, including Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari, have called the Shaheen Bagh protest politically motivated. “It is being flamed by Congress and AAP. They are the people who believe in lawlessness said by Tiwari.

The Shaheen Bagh protesters, however, have claimed that many politicians have come here, but they were not allowed to hijack the protest and politicise it. Political visitors include Congress leaders Salman Khursheed, Kiran Walia and Asif Mohammad Khan, besides AAP leader Amanatullah Khan who is an MLA from Okhla, covering Shaheen Bagh.  He will not be part of rallies and road shows as there are two protests happening in his constituency – Jamia and Shaheen Bagh. He would only appeal people to vote AAP in large numbers said by Khan.

Many Bollywood stars like Swara Bhaskar and Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub have visited the site as well.

Scene of Women on Shaheen Bagh Protest as a Mark of Misconception

Mark of Misconception

Raheema a 22-year-old student of German language, lives in Moolchand area, reaches the site at 7 am and leaves at 11 pm. 20-year-old Zareena comes from East Delhi’s Khureji, where a replica of Shaheen Bagh protest is going on. Inside the main tent, a group of women listens to the speakers on the stage. Another group is busy in knitting woolen caps. Sarwari, 75, Bilkis, 82 and Noor Nisha, 75, known as Shaheen Bagh ki Dadiyan (Grandmothers of Shaheen Bagh), sit on a small podium near the stage giving interviews.

Shabeena (32), a homemaker who comes to site from Okhla with her five children, including a seven-month-old, baby said that she doesn’t care about the allegations, she knows the truth and are also aware that why these lies are being spread. She will continue the protest till our demands are met. Another woman, 40-year-old Shehnaz who lives in Jamia Nagar is also one of the vocal voices. She has been sitting at the site since December 15. When asked about the inconvenience being caused to commuters due to the road block, she said, “It is the police who have placed barricades everywhere.” So, these women for nothing creating disturbance in the whole area. In spite of making things clear to them by the CAA favouring people, that this act is only for giving not for taking, but still needs freedom, don’t know for what because they are already living in freedom.

Inconvenience Due To Road Blockage against Shaheen Bagh Protest

Since the beginning of protest on December 15, when the agitation started, the stretch between Kalindi Kunj Bridge and Shaheen Bagh was closed by the Delhi Police leaving hours long traffic grumble, especially during peak hours. Barricades were placed near the Okhla Bird Sanctuary (carriageway towards Delhi), the roundabout near the Metro station, on Kalindi Kunj Bridge (towards Delhi), Amrapali Road, GD Birla Marg (on both carriageways), Vishwaji Sadak (on both carriageways) and on the loop near Apollo Hospital.

These barriers troubled traffic coming from Apollo Hospital towards Noida, from Faridabad towards Noida and from Noida towards Sarita Vihar, they had to face diversions. DND Flyway, Mathura Road, Akshardham Road have become the alternate routes where commuters faced heavy jams during peak hours and slow vehicular movement existed for the entire day.

Buses connecting Faridabad and Noida are also facing problems as they are unable to carry out on their route via Shaheen Bagh. Heavy footfalls can be seen at Okhla Bird Sanctuary Metro station, as people are opting for trains to bypass the Shaheen Bagh stretch.

Many commuters were tired of taking longer routes to work and unnecessary spending more money. Traffic police estimates show that the Ashram intersection, the worst hit by the closure of Road 13A, used to have nearly 3.5 lakh vehicles during peak morning and evening hours. However, over the last month, it has been taking an additional load of one lakh vehicles a day.

Businesses Hit By the Shaheen Bagh Protest

On one side of the tent of the Shaheen Bagh Protest area, is the line of factory outlets that offer discounted branded clothes. But since December 15, shops have not opened and have acquired an approximate loss of `1,000 crore. Since a month the shops have been closed. Each shop keeper has to pay around `1.5 lakh as a rent of the shop and, at the time of slowing economy, they are facing this crisis too. They are not aware when this protest will end and will be able to restart their work said by Aakash Arora who keeps a garment shop.

Though, many shop owners have waived off the rent of shopkeepers. On January 12, hundreds of local residents, including women, of Sarita Vihar marched against the blockade. They said that it was becoming difficult to take their children to school and bring them home. Devesh Chandra Srivastava, Joint Commissioner of Police (South Eastern Range), said: “We are trying to persuade the protesters either to end the protest or relocate them to give relief to the commuters, shopkeepers, school students and ambulances, as the stretch is used to carry patients to Apollo Hospital, AIIMS and Safdarjung.”

High Court Orders for the Shaheen Bagh Protesters

On Tuesday (14.01.2020), the High Court had asked the Delhi Police to look into the matter immediately on public interest and deal with the issue of maintaining law and order. This was after a plea said children, who take that route, are compelled to leave home two hours prior to school timing. It claimed that authorities have failed to take appropriate action to give relief to the residents of the locality and lakhs of commuters of Delhi, UP and Haryana.

On Friday (17.01.2020) again, the court directed the police to look into the traffic situation., but the senior officials, who did not wish to be named said, “It has become very difficult for the force to remove the protesters. We cannot use any kind of force, else it will hamper the law and order situation, especially given the upcoming Republic Day celebration and elections.”

Officer said there is no key influencer or leader, whom they could contact and appeal to end the protest or relocate another place. Swaraj India president Yogendra Yadav, a vocal supporter of the protest, said that the protesters are working to find a way to end the inconvenience.

They told police official that they are looking for alternatives to make a carriageway functional for the commuters. They are also aware about the fact that the shopkeepers are facing losses, so they will definitely find a way to let them open the shops for a particular time frame.

On Friday (17.01.2020) night, the Delhi Police took to Twitter and urged Shaheen Bagh protesters to ‘cooperate in public interest’ and help clear the 2.5-km stretch of Road 13A connecting Delhi and Noida. It’s been closed for more than a month. A day earlier, a cop from the local police station addressed them with a request to relocate the protest. He had to leave the stage in a huff as shrill “Delhi Police go back” slogans drowned his voice.

The Delhi Police tweeted and said that the matter had already been put before the Hon’ble High Court that the Shaheen Bagh protest had started with 15 women and a few men on the night of December 15 at this South-East Delhi locality against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the National Register of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Register (NPR).

The agitation has now caught people’s imagination with no reason- it has its own Wikipedia page. Even the chilling winter and rain haven’t prevented women of all ages, toddlers, teenagers, youth and men. Women and kids have been brought at the forefront and to provoke the maximum impact on social media.

No Sign to End the Shaheen Bagh Protest

On Saturday (18.01.2020), when the reporters of Mail Today visited the site, there were no signs of an end to the protest. In fact, it appeared that the agitation is going to get bigger with preparations on to set up a second tent to accommodate more people.  And on weekends it gets too crowded. Khursheed Alam said they require more space.

While tents have been placed on one side of the road, the other side painted with drawing is closed to block access to the nearby Apollo Hospital. This stretch has now become a playground for kids. It has a replica of India Gate. There is a 35-foot India’s map made of 2.5 tonnes of iron with “Hum Bharat ke log CAA, NRC, NPR nahi maante” written on it.

The foot-over bridge that faces the tent has become a selfie point as it remains hidden behind banners and posters. Medical tourism sector employee Syed Suhail is a regular protester. His wife, Kishore Sultana, a teacher, and daughter, Mariyam Sultana, a dentist, have also been part of the agitation. They said they will not block ambulances. But will not open the road. They said if they will not do so they will not get attention.

They also said that the inconvenience of a few days is nothing compared to what it means to strip the citizenship of someone who has been living here for decades. Food is coming from nearby kitchens. Across the foot-over bridge at the far end facing the main tent, people wait for poori sabzi to be served.

A group of Sikh farmers from Punjab started a langar (free meal service) on Wednesday (22.01.2020). A day later, another Sikh group from Delhi came forward to set up a permanent langar run by advocate DS Bindra. “This is the way to show our support said by Bindra who has been helped by locals. Bindra is also associated with Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owasi-led AIMIM.

With this attitude shown by Sikh group we can only say that they are aggravating the flame and solving their agony with the government. They are taking advantage of this protest, because they are anti Modi “ Behti Ganga main haath Dhona” is fit for these Sikh group.

It is fact that opposition will never like good things happening around, they will spread more thorns on the way, and their main agenda is to throw Modi government out because they are also aware that whatever he is doing is right. But they don’t want to portray this to others and with fake news spread all misunderstandings among the masses and keep the fire burning.

Opposition very well know that they can make fool of Muslim community very easily and can become their voices and they themselves are sitting on couch and enjoying the existing situation.

Voice of CAA Favouring People

Only we can say please don’t trouble yourself and your family, open your mind and eyes, nobody is taking your citizenship, government is giving citizenship to the suffered minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, because the minorities living in these three countries are being tortured. You are already living in such a beautiful country and the people who are ill-treated are also part of us, let us welcome them.

Every country has to keep a data of population, this we have been doing since a long, then where is the problem; so, cooperate with the government such that we can advantage of all rules and regulations. This data will help government to plan better things for us. If one is true then never be afraid of the consequences. These protests are done only by those people who are hiding their identity. When one is already living in India since a long, then nobody will ask one to live India.

“Then, Why This Protest?”

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