“Malnourished Lions” Angry People Campaign to Save the Animals

malnourished african lions

It is truly heart throbbing inhumane behaviour with these quite animals.  From Sudan capital Khartoum’s Al-Qureshi Park few pictures of five malnourished African lions were made viral and this has triggered angry reactions with many animal activists and netizens (internet people and citizens) demanding for the care of these speechless animals. There is a demand either to shift them to a better location or feed them properly.

People got disturbed by the cruelty on these lions, Osman Salih, a resident of Khartoum started a Facebook campaign #SudanAnimalRescue and urged people to help him by joining with him and raising the voices together.

Salih said he was stunned when he saw these helpless skeleton lions in the park. Their bones are protruding from the skin. He had urged that interested people and institutions to help these merciful lions. He had written his heart while sharing the pictures of these poor animals.

The post quickly gained grip on social media and prompted many residents and volunteers to visit the park said by the Guardian.

According to park officials and vets, the conditions of the animals have deteriorated over the past few weeks and some have lost two-thirds of their body weight. Essamelddine Hajjar, a manager at the park told the website, that “Food is not always available so often they buy it from their own money to feed them.


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