10 Ways a Guys’ Life Changes after Getting Married!

10 Ways a Guys’ Life Changes after Getting Married!
10 Ways a Guys’ Life Changes after Getting Married!

We all think marriage is just about a girl – The Bride, but the fact is she is getting married to her ”GROOM”. Thereby, he is equally important and his life is being changed too!! He doesn’t vent out his feelings to maintain his rough and tough profile but the fact is he too is having the sleepless nights because he has to overcome his biggest fear “the fear of commitment”.

TRIN TRING!! You have a constant alarm clock which does not need a battery to run and does not follow your instructions, rather you need to work on yourself 24*7 and you will realise how ill you were just a day before D – Day!

You realise you have a big family. You have a double set of new family, each position is doubled.

You now know everyone the BAIJEE and BHAIYAJEE too (dhobis, milkman, maids)

HANJEE mummy JEE, JEE papa JEE. The new mommy is always a call away and “papa” too. You have ignored your mom and fooled her all your life but no more, the new mommy won’t spare you.

The graph of all the late night parties is seen falling. ROFL! You have a new principal and good food waiting at home!! 9 o’clock is your HOME DELIVERY time now.

You get mouth watering dishes on your dining table all the time. No need to eat omelettes, bread, and Maggie –the only advantage I could find so far.

You get humans food and no local food joints required.

You have a new mom in the house. Ha-ha! You had one already and now you have one more.

Responsibilities come over night. Umm!! You grow in hours and are smart to handle her tantrums and follow her eyebrows and mood swings.

The geography of the house changes. You can’t drop our towel on the bed, neither can you wear your socks twice and have to mandatorily bathe every day to make her feel good. The bed sheets will match curtains and curtains with walls.

The only difficult part of marriage is holding “THE INSAAF KA TARAZU”!!Tug of war is around the corner, everyone will behalf immaturely and expect you to be matured but “Ignorance is bliss” as they say.

Now the money saving and career are immensely important. You have to lead a luxurious life and you have a wife too! Good luck my boy!

Not only his bed, his time is not his anymore. Your bed was gone, the washroom is gone, blanket too, and now you will be judged on having “me time” no more personal hobbies. The sooner he adapts the sooner he is free yet in a cage.

Good luck my boy!