7 quick ways to save money on food shopping.

ways to save money on food shopping

You know it’s easy to march down the grocery store walkway and fill your basket with the unnecessary things. It could be the fluorescent lightning, deliberately placed products while checking out, or the squeaky wheel on the cart that disarrays with your sanity and the budget.

But it doesn’t really mean you get a free pass to pay out like insane! It is time to know how you can save your money on food items. We would suggest you spend 10-15% of your money on food which includes groceries and dine out. But don’t just believe our words. Here is the list of easy ways to shop grocery items on a budget.

1. Plan a budget: It is really important to first plan your budget before you go to the grocery store. Preparing a monthly or weekly grocery budget will be helpful to stay on track and keep a check on your spending.

2. Use coupons: This could actually help you save a bit of your money. Using these discount coupons while planning meals around what is on sale can actually lower your grocery bills. Just be sure they are for the items you would buy anyway. One most useful could be “Buy one, get one free” as it gets you to buy twice as much as you need at the half cost.

3. Save on protein food items: Try to replace low priced vegetarian sources, like beans, eggs, tofu for high priced fish, meat or poultry. Focus on eating vegetarian at least once a week or more while saving money. Eggs are an inexpensive and excellent source of protein that can be eaten in all the meals in the day. You could also try taking a small portion of fish, meat or poultry with eggs, vegetables or whole grains.

4. Shop in season: While you are shopping for groceries with a budget, it becomes important to live by this rule. Purchasing a pomegranate in the mid of July will almost cost you an arm and a leg and adding on, it might not even taste good. So, make sure you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season throughout the year which will ultimately help you save extra bucks.

5. Avoid shopping when you are hungry: People intend to do a lot of silly things while starving. They aimlessly stroll the grocery store’s walkways like zombies. As the case, your best friend might not hold you accountable for what you did, but definitely grocery bill would not let you off the hook so easily. So, step away from those frozen waffles and place back that pineapple upturned cake from the bakery.


6. Don’t purchase more than you require: Everyone loves a deal. But if you get fooled into buying something which you really don’t need, did you actually get a deal?? Purchasing something because It is just on the sale is a good example as you did not pen down in your grocery list and still spent more money than you planned for – deal or no deal.

Therefore you don’t have to buy the items which are marked as two for $5, four for $10 and etc. You still get the same discounted price if you buy even one.

7. Use apps on your mobile phones: Always check the online grocery apps when you are searching for ways to save money on groceries. They come up with great offers and coupons which you can use while checking out. This way you can shop your favorite food items just by sitting at home with reasonable rates.

Try out any of these tips on your next trip down the grocery aisle, and you will be happily surprised by how much cash stays in your pocket.

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