Believe It Or Not! There Are Many Benefits Of Suffering

benefits of suffering

Talking about pain is never easy, especially when you feel there is no one to empathize and to understand what we are going through. It is an altogether different zone where you are lost in your thought and do not even want anyone’s attention even though it is the only thing you require. You just want to sit alone with your favorite music and a cup of coffee. Though you have deliberately chosen this isolation, the fear of the never-ending pain scares you even more. All of us tend to avoid such situations, and make all efforts to be happy and delighted to repress the pain which is inside, but how would you react if I say this suffering is required for your growth. What if the pain is necessary and beneficial for you?

All of us are aware that life is a combination of good and bad, of cheers and tears. Still, it does not reduce the pain we feel. Yesterday, I came to know about stress cardiomyopathy, and could not stop myself from writing about it. The Stress Cardiomyopathy is understood as broken heart syndrome which might result in a person’s death. That is when I decided to research if there are some benefits of suffering, and I was amazed to know that suffering is good in most cases. Nobody can change the fact that suffering is as inevitable as life and death, so rather than believing ourselves the only person in pain, we should try to understand it better.

Most of the time, we don’t need anyone to help us come out from the depressed state and we have the power. I am sure you want to know how to do this. The process starts with acceptance. We should not cry over the pain we are facing and why. Rather we must accept the fact that being mortal human being it is natural to feel pain. We also feel God has given us more pain than others, but it is not like that. Others appear to be happy because they have accepted it and moved on, and this is what we need to do.

❍ I have Enlisted many benefits of suffering which will help you accept and move on with a positive attitude.

  1. Helps you befriend yourself – Isolation is required as it is the only time you spend with yourself. You start thinking about yourself. You start caring about yourself as you accept there is no one to do the same. You start understanding your aspirations and objectives and find ways to fulfill them.
  2. Boosts your resilience – One of the benefits of suffering is you become resilient to pain, and stronger enough to face more in the future. It is not the last time you are sad, such times would return in the future. So, suffering little pain prepares you for future tragedies.
  3. Makes you empathetic – You can’t empathize with people if you have never felt such emotions. I too used to laugh at crying people until I felt what it likes to be hurt or to lose someone. Similar things happen with people who feel the suffering for the first time.
  4. Shatters false ideologies – We all grow with some or other ideologies like nothing bad happens to good people, we can win enemies with a smile, and so on. But, understand the reality when these ideologies fail. At first, we become clueless after losing our ideologies, and that is when we start forming a new belief system.
  5. Helps you see the real world – It won’t be an exaggeration to say that suffering opens our eyes. We, who were living in an illusionary world start accepting reality. We understand how society works and where do we stand in the present world.
  6. Gives life-long friends – It is saying that hard times reveal true friends, and this is what I am saying. Fake friends would try to take advantage of your situation while genuine ones would stay with you without expecting anything in return.
  7. Helps you Develop gratitude – We do not value things we get easily and take them for granted, but sufferings develop a feeling of gratitude in us. We start feeling thankful if someone makes a favor for us, and gratitude is a key-value required in the present generation.
  8. Prepares you for success – Pain prepared us for success, just as fire refines the gold. It makes us strive for success and boosts our zeal to do something. One of the benefits of suffering is that it makes us emotionally strong and self-dependent and prepare us for future events.
  9. Enhances your spiritual capacities – Earlier, we used to blindly believe in our respective gods, but the immense suffering makes us doubt the authority. We first start questing and soon get the answers from nature itself. Suffering while breaking blind faith, also takes us closer to the ultimate power of nature.
  10. Enhances our creative skills – We have got numerous artists including poets, painters, singers who became eminent personalities after recovering from their sufferings. You too come closer to yourself and expressing your discovering might enhance your creativity.
  11. Helps you to understand your strengths – It is a time when you understand your strengths and weaknesses. For example, you learn your talents and interest. If you don’t feel like working and other activities like dancing, singing or simply writing offers you solace, then you have found the best field for your career.
  12. Learn important lessons – Success does not teach you anything. The pain increases when you know your mistakes. There are times when you regret that you’re a single decision of yours has caused you this much pain. You then learn a significant lesson of life which you would never forget.
  13. Shape our character – By this time you have discovers your faults. For example, some people tend to trust everyone and get hurt, which some people are hurt because they never trusted anyone. After suffering, you understand what is wrong in your approach and rectify your character.
  14. Opens doors for salvation – There are cases when the suffering is a result of guilt. If this is the case, and you are suffering from guilt, it would help you accept your mistake and lead you to apologize which will open the door of salvation for you.
  15. Prevents us from becoming proud – Most often, people who have never faced pain do not understand others’ struggles and become proud and selfish. Suffering is therefore required to keep the balance so that we do not become proud of our lives.

No matter how many benefits of suffering we count, it does not alter the fact that pain is really painful, and I could not think of a better alliteration here. But, after accepting it as a part of life, we can surely focus on the more important stuff. Once we have formed a new ideology, based on our personal experiences, we will move towards success that too at a fast speed. Knowing the fact that we can’t expect anything from others we would work harder and stop waiting for miracles.

I wish you have learned something from this piece of information, and it would help you move on in life with your new dreams and aspiration. I would also want to wish you the strength to recover your pain and focus on greater goals of life.

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