Best Netflix series of 2019

Best Netflix series (2019)

Netflix is becoming the highest-grossing platform for the Indian series. The online entertainment company is allowing the creative artists to put up their talents which otherwise remain hidden due to political sides. Here are some Best Netflix series (2019) that cannot be missed.

❍ Sacred Games 2

Sacred Games 2

The Best Netflix series (2019) and also the first Indian original series on Netflix, Sacred Games 2, is worth getting eyestrain. As far as the plot for the season is considered, it picks up right where it left in the continuation of everything. Sartaaj still doesn’t have a thumb. However, in this season, he has been assigned to an alternate unit to further investigate what the impending attack is going to be. The storyline that takes place in the past was lacking the crisp in comparison to the first season and it ruined the narrative momentum. The story was liked in terms of Ganesh landing up into Kenya and his gang politics but as we dwell a little bit further into his story and he talks about his third father figure, then things get messy. Still, the theme of one’s perception of what a father figure could be is much liked by people.

❍ Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime

The brand new show from India is seven episodes long and each episode clocks in around 45 minutes to an hour. Delhi Crime is a very dramatic cop thriller and the audience rated it as the most intense thing to watch on Netflix. The Best Netflix series (2019) is based on the true-life investigation around a brutal gang rape in India. The case had an enormous impact paving the way for the introduction of strict laws so that the victim’s voice will finally be heard in the developing nation. The trailer says “pulled from the case files straight from India”. Watching this feels that we are in these character’s lives, following them around the situation and trying to figure out who are these six men that did this because that’s the entire point of the story. In the very first episode itself, we get thrown into the brutal rape situation. What’s the point of this crime is what the show is trying to figure out but it’s recommended to watch only if the person is brave enough to see the reality of India.

❍ Selection day

The third Indian original by Netflix, Selection Day, is a kind of sub-genre of sports drama that we don’t get to see much. It is one of the best Netflix series (2019) and a very niche genre. The TV shows in this specific genre like Blue Mountain State, a successful comedy series, and Footballers Wives were good on their own but they did not do justice for the genre as they did not really explore the sports. Selection Day might be one of those shows that actually succeed in bringing the element of cricket.

❍ Leila


In the era of data, information war, Netflix is a new threat to our government. Netflix and Chill is the new ‘Tukde-Tukde gang’ and its latest series ‘Leila’ is the new anti-national and this might be the reason to include this series in the best Netflix series (2019). Leila is the story of India in 2049 when a powerful man, Joshi rules over the entire nation. The country is divided on the name of religion and cast; minorities are second class citizens. The nation is highly advanced in technology though. The nation is called ‘Aryavarta’. If Leila would have been a film, it could’ve never got released and if it would, cinema halls would have been attacked. But since it was a Netflix series, the radicalized groups could do nothing to stop it from reaching the public. But it is still being criticized for its dark perception and over-the-top authoritarian future. People are claiming that Leila can’t be the picture of our future and  India would never be divided over religion. So is Leila a dark and scary future of India or is it the sad reality of the present time? Watch the series to get your answer.

❍ Ghoul


Netflix’s second Indian television series Ghoul, written and directed by Patrick Graham is one of the best Netflix series (2019). India is a country where Muslims are persecuted to the point where their teachings and ideologies are being burned and the series reminds us of Nazi Germany with the Jewish people, where anything tied to their culture was taken away from them. Someone who enjoys horror shows will really get a kick out of this because the series does take its time to set the tone of everything.

❍ Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians

As we know how cricket hovers on the minds of Indians, it’s nothing shocking for this series to make it to the best Netflix series (2019) list. The director documented all the stuff and put it together in a narrative. People have never seen cricket so action-based before this show. The series is like a backdoor to reality. The series works on behind the scenes life of cricket and shows the entire 2018 journey of Mumbai Indians. There is a portrayal of the personal lives of the players before the selection procedure and this crisp might attract the fans of particular cricketers as well.

❍ Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country

The new documentary on Netflix has its basic idea of an Indian guru who realizes that most of the people at his ashram were Americans. The idea of creating his ashram in the commune, right in the heartland of  America strikes his head. In the world where all say ‘when all said and done, more said than done’ and the utopian ideas are very rare, this man groups up people to work together. What’s fascinating is that this is one of the cases in history. The thing which made this story such a phenomenon one was ‘the Guru’ named Osho by his followers. The quality that distinguished him was his thoughts of spirituality and Eastern mysticism. Often he thinks of that being opposed to material things. People think of the world and pleasure as restraint and there is a feeling of self-denial. With this man it was different. He was of the idea that one can have sex provided he has no emotional attachment to material things and has a healthy relationship. This series is one of the best Netflix series (2019) and must be watched as it will help to shift one’s mind to true spirituality.

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