Adore the zany products, by the brand Chumbak? Doesn’t it seem one of its kinds, with the colorful, quirky, vibrant and appealing stuff it presents on the platter!!

Well, it definitely is! Its showroom glitters with bright, funky items showcased and allures one to purchase it, even from a distance.

The flashy apparels, the innovative trunks or money banks, the amazing key chains, the eye candy tables, the modish wallets or handbags, the swish mugs, the gaudy flippers and what not!!

The entrepreneur of these quirky items on sale, Shubhra Chaddha, was one of us, some few years back. But her guts to risk it all brought her to the pinnacle of success in innovation and business.

She and her husband Vivek Prabhakar began by selling their house in Bangaluru, raising their capital to 45lakhs. They then quit their well-paying corporate jobs to begin their new cart of wheels, which primarily focused only on the theme-based fridge magnets.

Shubhra, who has a craze for travelling, witnessed that, there are a variety of voguish magnets available for the fridges abroad, but in India, the design has been very limited and thus, the enlightenment of this crazy idea striked her.

“Right from the start, I did not want Chumbak to be a niche business. I wanted it to be a mass brand, which meant keeping prices affordable and scaling it up across the country.” she quoted. She also said that she had no clue, where to start from and admitted that she has been an amateur in business planning and strategies. She just made a move which opened the path further for her.

Today, the company has left its most marked presence both online and offline. It deals with almost 400 products and has around 150 stores in India and about 70 in Japan.

Chumbak means “magnet”, she thought of the avant-garde cow-waala mouse pad or chai-waala magnet, which turned her belief in her favor.

Today from the splashy laptop sleeves to the ostentatious vase, this brand has a lot to offer. It is a beautiful work of art, which includes the hard work of Shubhra and her creative working staff, including the ingenious graphic designers, who are the reason behind this renowned tag- CHUMBAK!!

Shubhra says “As a kid, I always dreamt of starting something of my own.”

This brand has also uplifted Modi ji’s “Made in India” campaign. The products are also exported to USA, UK and Dubai.

Who knew, once dreamt, would achieve such great laurels in such a short period of time! Shubhra entirely dedicates her win-win to the ability of “pure guts”!!

When she can, so can you! Just make a move!!