Facts Behind the Valentine’s Day Celebration

facts behind valentine's day celebration

Valentine’s Day is arriving soon and will be spreading its love wings in the air. Next month February 14, 2020, will be celebrated as Valentine Day. Though it is known as one of the most important days for couples around the world with lovers exchanging gifts and nearly 200 million roses are sold around the globe. Some are aware of the facts and some just celebrate by copying others, maybe through social media, TV serials, reality shows, friends and relatives. But one should know the facts of this day. It has a rich and rather strange history, going through many different forms around a period of almost 2,000 years.

People celebrate with chocolates, flowers, and gifts for their loved ones in the honor of this day.

Let Us Know the Facts Behind The Valentine’s Day Celebration

History behind the Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day dates back to 300 BC (Before Christ) in ancient times, where every year between Feb 13 and Feb 15, the Romans engaged in celebrations in the honor of the spring season called Lupercalia. It was celebrated for purity and fertility; however, the message got twisted up in today’s scenario and now involves drastically less animal sacrifice.

❏ The festival initially was marked by the sacrifice of a dog or a goat whose skin was used to thrash women; a ritual which believed to increase women’s fertility.

❏ In addition to the above, another story said that people were made to engage in the modern-day blind date, where men and women’s names were drawn via a lottery, they were coupled up for the duration of the festival or longer, if the match found was right.

❏ There is another interesting tale behind this origin is that it dates back to 5th Century AD (After Death) when Pope Gelasius decided to expel this holiday and replace it with a celebration of martyrs who were called Valentine.

❏ The Catholic Church decided to honor the martyrdom of two men both named Valentine who was executed on February 14 of different years by Emperor Claudius (a controversial Roman Emperor who served from 41 to 54 AD).

❏ Another tale narrated the story of a priest (Saint Valentine) who was executed after he ignored the emperor’s ban on the marriage of young men in his army.

❏ A different story is of a Christian priest who was jailed and fell in love with the prisoner’s daughter. Before his death, the priest signed a love letter to her with the words “from your Valentine.” 

❏ In due course of alterations in the celebrations, the tradition made its way to the New World. The industrial revolution started making cards in 19th-century factories.

❏ As years went by, this day drew importance and Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare romanticized this in their work.

❏ In 1415, a 21-year-old Charles of Duke became famous for supposedly sending the first Valentine’s Day card while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

❏ What boosted Valentine’s Day spread across Britain were the emerging consumer demands, popular culture and the power of advertising aided by the developments in printing and mass productions.

However, the current celebrations are signified by giving, chocolates, flowers, and gifts to their loved ones by saying to be his or her valentine, in the honor of this day.

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