Life is Incomplete Without Novels: Top 10 Novel Books Everyone Should Read

top 10 novel books everyone should read

Are you looking for the best books to add up to your reading list? Then, you can get through with this roundup of the best books that came out last year. We have already been pampered with amazing read recently, so if you guys are searching the market for some hot-off-the-presses page-turner in any genre you can imagine, here I have disclosed best books from the last year.

Three women: by Lisa Taddeo

Three women by Lisa Taddeo

Taddeo almost spent a decade fixing her in the sphere of the three altogether very distinct women to paint this working portrait of what’s like in their lives. The result is immobile as it is groundbreaking, and you will surely be unable to place it down.

I miss you while I blink: by Mary Laura Philpott

I miss you while I blink by Mary Laura Philpott

What happens when a gift in a form of life you always dreamt of and later realize that now you want something entirely distinct? You simply feel like running away from home or can appear like Philpot, who’s been known “the modern-day reincarnation” of authors Nora Ephron and Erma Bombeck, and behave some tiny life alterations that be effective in massive happiness.

The water cure: by Sophie Mackintosh

The water cure by Sophie Mackintosh

Three girls with their mother live in a sheltered island sanctuary which was created by their father for them- Their father being the only man they have seen ever. That is till the time he vanishes on a supply run and a boy on the land and 2 men. This feels like a short story for contemporary aura and a must-have for women today.

The care and feeding of Ravenously Hungry girls: by Anissa Gray

The care and feeding of Ravenously Hungry girls by Anissa Gray

This novel accompanies three sisters – Althea, Viola, and Lillian. Their lives drastically changed when Athlea got arrested suddenly- pumping Viola and Lillian to collect the pieces of their family. They have to struggle with where the bounds of taking care of the family end and what situations you have to come across when you start to fall apart.

My lovely wife: by Samantha Downing

My lovely wife by Samantha Downing

The story of the ancient fairy tale: A couple got married to each other. They have kids, Moved to the town, their love begins to cool and they want something to spice it up. Thus, the couple plans to do so with a mini murder. This gamy mystery will reverberate with especially, Dexter fans.

American Spy: by Lauren Wilkinson     

American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

Often the best spy novels sexy and smart but are hardly comparable. But this one isn’t. You might get to see the glances of yourself within the heroine of this brainteaser enfolded up in a sizzling romance folded into a family show – a woman with an aspiring career and her mother.

City of Girls: A novel: by Elizabeth Gilbert

City of Girls A novel by Elizabeth Gilbert

This novel set in the glitzy theatre world of the 1940s brings up an exquisite love story to eat, pray and love fans who won’t want to sleep on Gilbert’s latest. The promoter looks back on her life in show biz including both nostalgia and regrets and we get to know about what defines it when a woman welcomes her sexual prowess and the outcomes of being true to herself. It will bring different emotions within you. You will cry, you will laugh and definitely enjoy.

As long as we both shall live: by Joann Chaney

As long as we both shall live by Joann Chaney

Guys, be careful ahead. You might have whiplash from the delightful unlit plot suspense that aroused out of from nowhere in this murder mystery about a marriage that had gone acidic. 

Once more we saw Stars: A Memoir: by Jayson Greene

Once more we saw Stars A Memoir by Jayson Greene

Greene and his wife are shattered after his little daughter dies in an unusual accident. But as a consequence of unexpected setback,  Greene displays how he found a ray of hope. This is surely the book for you if you love memoirs like Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Don’t forget to grab the tissue before you open a book.

❑ Fifty Things that aren’t my fault: Essays from the Grown-up years: by Cathy Guisewite

Fifty Things that aren't my fault Essays from the Grown-up years by Cathy Guisewite

Wow! Lovers of long-running Cathy comic strip will like this one. The paragraphs are funny, great and most comparable, mostly for moms and those who are entering into or out of the middle age.

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