Alternatives to the 9-5 job schedule

desk job

Do you like 9-5 Desk job? I personally don’t like it, same boring work with no excitement!

Why wake up early at 6 in the morning daily, with a monotonous work routine? When you have better alternatives to that!

If you are not interested in doing a desk job then you should not. There are many alternatives to a desk job and many ways to earn money. Maybe, your talent could help you in that.

If you talk funny or if you can make people laugh at what you say then you can be a standup comedian.  If you are interested in photography you can be a photographer. You can be a blogger. Maybe, a travel boggler, a food blogger and if you like writing you can even start your blogging and can write blogs for yourself on whatever topic you like.

Rather than waking up at 6 and doing 9-5 jobs you can use your talent and skills. There are many ways except desk jobs by which you can earn money.

Here are the better career options and alternatives for your 9-5 job that you would definitely like.

Tuition teacher

If you like teaching you can be a tuition teacher. Teaching tuitions is definitely not a 9-5 job. In fact, it’s an interesting job. One can earn petty well by giving group tuitions to 4-5 batches per day.

Freelance web designer

You can opt for freelancing if you can’t sit at the same place daily and if doesn’t like doing desk jobs. You can work as a freelance web designer. The demand for creative web designers is very high. As almost every company every brand has its web page so there is a lot of scope in web designing. Freelancing is the best option for the one who doesn’t like waking up early in the morning and going to offices.

Makeup artist

If you like makeup or if you like doing makeup you can choose your career as a makeup artist. Freelance makeup artists can be done in on irregular and regular hours. If you visit your clients at the venue you can also enjoy free tasty food at different wedding venues, plus point for the food lovers.

Travel guide  

Traveling? Who doesn’t love to travel? You can be a travel guide if you love to travel. Traveling to distant local places near you will keep you far from a conventional punch clock. 


One can earn petty well by posting videos on YouTube. Those videos can be of your interest. It can be motivational videos, gym training videos, beauty tips and there many more wide varieties of videos that you can post on YouTube. Being a YouTuber also gives name and fame apart from money.


If you are more into sports and interested in any particular sports you can be a coach of that sport. Maybe, you can get a secure job in any sports complex or in a high- school. Though being a coach you may need to give coaching all day long. But, this job is better than a desk job.

There are many more career options opened for you in which you don’t have to desk job. Choose your career field wisely!