Inculcating Habit Of Reading In Present Generation


The interest in reading has been considerably tapering off. People are getting away from books and reading. Gone are the days when books were considered the best friends. Our phones, i-pad and laptops have replaced the good old books. The smell of the books is lost, the feel of the pages is gone and the sight of the words and sentences has vanished in thin air.

Not only the books are the great friends but also our teachers. The present generation is occupied in some ‘cool’ groove out of which they do not seem to come out. It’s not that one has to turn a Luddite to hit the books. The e-books are in trend these days. People can take advantage of the online books that are available for free.

Earlier people used to buy buys and spend on their intellect. Seem like the present is caught in a Catch-22 situation where they cannot escape the impenetrable walls or rather prisons of closed minds. All we can do is teach our kids from the get go. The reading habit ought to be inculcated in the young minds so that they can view the world from a different eye.

Books lend us a sui generis outlook on life, people and our environment. There is a pressing need to condition the minds of the young in a way which directs them to books and reading. Reading expands our horizons and once people are accustomed to reading, they will find it hard to give in.

There is no age for learning, they say. It is indeed true. The elderly, too, can jump on the reading bandwagon so that they can inspire others around them. We need to set examples before our children and future generation.

One can initiate by going slowly on this road. You need not rush. Keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race. Begin your race slowly and you’ll be soon accustomed to it. Start with things you like the best. Encourage people around you to read. Form book clubs and groups for spreading awareness. Or any reading club for that matter. One can read anything, be it a chocolate wrapper or some social media post.

The current generation follows a trend, so why not create a trend? Being a parent and teacher, you need to prod your child’s interest as per his or her area of interest. Do not coerce anyone into reading anything. Reading is not reading if you’re doing it just for the heck of it. One must enjoy reading and the process of learning that takes place.

There is no denying the fact that people who read are the people who lead. It is because the readers know have a perspective different from the others which gives them an edge over others.

Whether travelling in a metro or waiting for your friend at a cafe, make a habit of reading for a meaning in life. After all, who wouldn’t love to be a master of references and stories?!