Major Trends That Would Rule The Roost This Year


What goes around comes around, they say. It is indeed true for the trending things that circulate year after year. With new year comes new resolutions and the novel trends. The so-called yesterday wallpaper turns into a modish item in a matter of days and months. This is the power the trends hold. The oh so yesterday gets converted into the oh so new and gives a whole new meaning to what we call trending scenario.

The thing about trends is that they come, go and come back. There is no bygones be bygones for the trends. The things, the fashion returns with changes and updates. A trend that ruled before a decade might return after two years with some novel form.

The nostalgia, the feeling of lang syne hits us when we see the trends doing a comeback. Be it fashion, interior decor, clothes or anything for that matter, the trends are recreated with incorporation of certain elements that go with the current scenario and nature of things.

This year is going to see a number of trends which will be in vogue throughout the year. Layers in clothes will rule 2018 too. Last year, we saw the sleeves doing the magic with all the designs, patterns, flares and cuts. 2018 will see the similar paraphernalia with some amendments. Sleeves like the past would rock. Also, light colors will come to the fore. The floral pattern of the 90s would continue to linger even during winters. Jackets and coats would also see flower embroidery and creations.

When it comes to home decor, statement floors would rule the roost. Wooden floors and colored tiles are expected to shine in the year. Light wood cabinets would return to add charm to kitchens and rooms. An inclination towards red and brown walls would be in demand, in particular.

The wedding invites are going to be drop-dead gorgeous this year. Wedding are all about celebrations and blingy affair, therefore, the invites would be also look festive, simple and greener. Green color would be preferred again this year.

The natural, organic themes would be a la mode . Light, warm colors will be in the market to attract customers. The cover of the books too would represent something akin to nature and the environment. The nature theme would stand out and make people think from a different perspective.