JUGAAD – A National medallion of honor

JUGAAD – A National medallion of honor

JUGAAD – A National medallion of honor!

What do we do when our USB cord fails to charge our mobile phones?

Instead of purchasing a new one, we try to put our efforts, with a make-do solution, to charge it either by holding it at a certain angle or by putting some weight at the junction!

This channel is termed as Jugaad, which is not the right approach to deal with any issue but definitely a way to fix it with an innovative-self-created solution or a make-do solution!

We are surrounded by a lot of jugaads in our society!

A jugaad vehicle itself to begin with is a cocktail of the parts of all the other vehicles in the vicinity. For e.g. it consists of the parts of a tractor, a motor bike, a scooter, a car etc. all together at one place!

 This Engineering undoubtedly has to be applauded!

The rise of Jugaad vehicle provided us with the license to make things work out through the make-do solutions, rather than putting an effort to work for the right ones.

To begin with, if your boss has told you to prepare a presentation for the next day’s meeting and you end up making a few mistakes, than rather than rectifying it as a whole, all he says is “do something and hide that part!”- JUGAAD.

Jugaad is a way to compromise with the reality and to present our own with our comfort solutions for the same!

Going through the various news sections regarding the stampede in Mumbai, some few weeks ago and the falling of the flyover in Kolkata some few months back are all the causes of sheer JUGAAD!

A little of the expected done which unknowingly sets off the unwanted in action!

Talking of the stampede in Mumbai, I would like to ask the builders, what have you been thinking to construct such a narrow pass over for such a huge number of people on the station?? The answer can never be-no enough funds, as we all know how that functions!!- All JUGAAD! And the same goes with the fall of the flyover in Kolkata!

Even during our exams, we opt to learn or memorize a few concepts through Jugaad, rather than spending a little time to actually try to understand it! An easy way is opted, which definitely serves no purpose in the future!

Even in the households, we can witness various things that fall under Jugaad like keeping a support to hold a door, the various electrical appliances running through jugaad etc.

I do not deny the fact that jugaad throws an impression of being innovative enough to have come out with such an artistry solution! But this way, we have slowly inculcated in us an easy way to temporarily fix the problems! Thus, suffering in long time!

Even in coding, the engineers rather than understanding the root cause of the error, just try to fix it with some trial and hit method jugaad! Thus, getting nothing out of it!

We must understand of   the proper sections to apply jugaad, one of which is definitely not the education- NEVER!!

Our world will definitely become a better place, once we start chasing jugaad to find the smart solutions for a small problem but work off and try to pay attention to the ones, which require a longer understanding!