What are the Major Impacts of Social Media on Youth

Impacts of Social Media on Youth

Impacts of Social Media on Youth: In the current scenario, it is very difficult to keep youth away from Social Media. Not only youth we all, but are also strongly bonded within the social media network. Mature people can maintain the pace but children and youth get highly affected by social media, which may be in a positive or negative manner.

In recent surveys, it has shown that on average everyone is spending 1.8 hours on social media with their network per day. Most of us are spending time surfing on Google and other social media than the total time we do on sleeping. Though it is nearly impossible to avoid internet surfing as most of the things are digitalized, but still, have to manage things to the optimum (Impacts of Social Media on Youth).

Positive Effects of Social Networking

The Positive Effect of Social Media is seen in Education, it has become very convenient. Students can easily interact with their fellow friends’ for important data for classwork or assignments. It is also successful in gathering information to prepare project reports and other educational purposes. Teachers also find it easy to keep their students updated with the class and exam schedules.

Social sites like LinkedIn, Naukri.com, Indeed.com, etc., perform the short cuts for applying and getting jobs. It gives better prospects to candidates who are seeking for a particular job profile. One can search for jobs or people of their choice to work for or work with.

The easiest way to advertise anything is to upload it on social sites. Social media within no time conveys the news or information to any other media like radio, television or newspapers. These days we are provided with government sites as well as private sites for filing documents. Ticket booking has become very serviceable to the customers, may it be for a movie show, a hotel in a far town or for an overseas travel trip.

Through many years, social media has helped people to stay connected with their distant friends, relatives and other influential people in their lives, which would have otherwise been impossible. Hence social media is an excellent platform to promote and facilitate innumerable things.

Importance of Being Liked

Researchers have investigated the behavior of the people who are highly addicted to social networking sites. It is found that for a single post one waits for likes and comments, people are really crazy about it. Many people represent an unreal or fake personality just for the desire to be liked.

Avoid Misuse of Amenities

Get amenities for the children, but take care that they may not be inconvenient for children as well as for you these days especially parents get their children equipped with technical amenities but the child starts misusing them. It is a popular trend nowadays that your child should have a car, motorbike, iPod mobile phone internet facility, etc. but parents should ensure the right use of these by the children and they should not be absorbed in them all the time. Many parents are in the rat race to provide all the possible amenities to their child beyond their capacity parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. make promises from time to time to give things like by computer mobile, etc. to the child if he gets good marks in exam or for some achievements. To provide amenities to the child is not bad but parents should take care that the child should not misuse them. Parents should decide which amenity should be given to the child and which should not be given. Get only those things that are helpful to the child. Things must be given for necessity, not for pomp and show.

Sleeping Disorder in Children

The secret of good health is having sound sleep. Sleep plays a very vital role in keeping the body fresh and healthy those children who sleep less than needed are often unhealthy and easily irritated, it disturbs their digestive system, they invite diseases like diabetes and heart problems. In the future, their development stops due to lack of sleep, as growth hormone from pituitary glands gets secreted during sleep, less sleep means less development. In the earlier time, there was no TV computer and mobile games children often would go to bed after playing and studying and sleep comfortably and remain healthy but the use of these gadgets has affected the sleep of the children; late-night watching TV, Internet surfing, use of mobile phones has disturbed their sleep badly nowadays there are separate rooms for children, so parents are less aware of the sleeping disorder of the child. Parents should form a routine for sleeping and should be obeyed strictly. Spend time with children before sleeping; don’t let him play in the bedroom with TV computer and video games.

Effects of Television

It has a hypnotic effect on children; it drives them from their study, games and from many other important learning activities. The habit of children to watch it must be controlled otherwise the concentration in study decreases overeating takes place. When eating is done while watching TV which results in different diseases like obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol high blood pressure etc. Continuously watching TV weakens eyesight, lack of physical exercise, makes the body drowsy, problem of sleeping disorder arises, children are expert imitators they try to do whatever they see on TV, and many times they learn many abusive words from the TV even if they don’t know the meaning. Both parents often go to work now days so, they provide amenities like TV, computers, video games, etc. and think their responsibility is over. But by watching TV programs unsupervised children try to copy the violent character they see on TV or video games, anger and fear of primary emotions which develops in a child from the beginning at a and increases by looking at the violence on television unsupervised the child who is full of aggression from the beginning might become worse as he grows older. Some of such children grow up to the reckless adults who cannot fit into society and cannot bear pressure. Generally, TV programs suited for children are very less; there are few TV channels that show knowledgeable and entertaining programs. It is also seen nowadays that the parents put on TV to make that child happy and eventually it becomes their habit even small children become habituated for watching TV. Nowadays it is not possible to keep the child away from the TV but little control is a must. Fix the time for watching TV or playing games, don’t allow him to watch TV for more than 1h. Divert the attention of the child get him to walk or play in the park if the energy is not utilized in the right direction he may deviate.

The Craze for Mobile Phones and Internet

The chances of depression are considered to be more than double in children who are internet addicts. A study revealed that due to internet many adolescent face mental problems, there is no doubt that internet is an ocean of knowledge and is important for children, but the problem is that a lot of content in it is harmful to children, so, it is better to keep the computer at such a place from where you can keep a check what the child is doing and on which website, check the contents of those sites which are frequently visited by your child if you think that the matter is not suitable for their age, stop the children there itself, check the history of the site which tells us which site was visited by the child, tell him about the ill effects of the site and also long talks on the mobile phone. Tell them about the harmful effects on good health and study. Check the mobile phones of your child, if you are suspicious of some activity if there are many awkward messages or most messages are deleted, and then something might be wrong. The only remedy has to keep on guiding them on a regular basis about Social Media.

Everything has positive and negative effects; it depends on one’s choice