What follows “I am”, also follows you


What follows “I am”, also follows you!

  1. “I am Strong, I can deal with it”
  2. “I am so clumsy”

Which sounded soothing to the ears, mind and heart?? Of course the former one!

Many a times, we have used the super power of “I am” against ourselves without realizing its grave everlasting effect on us. Addition of the words following the “I am”, defines what will summon upon us!

When you say “I am brave”, Courage comes seeking for u!

When you say” I am talented or I am healthy”, talent and health hails towards you, respectively!

On the other hand if  you spurt out “I am disappointed” or “I am sad” or “I am weak” or “I am indolent”, then the associated words conceiving each of  them i.e. defeat, sorrow, powerless and laziness, rolls into you!

What you say to yourself opens the doors and invites the effect of that into your lives.

When dealing with a misfortune, if you say “I am worthless”, then you are indirectly bewitching the ugly inferiority in your mind and body!

We have always witnessed that our ambience has throughout pushed us towards “Be positive” and this is because, if you don’t, then by pulling the string of these pessimistic words will definitely make you a “Negative laden human being”. This negativity will undoubtedly pull you down at every milestone!

Besides, who wants to be around a negative person? I guess no one!

Sometimes, we do not realize that our every failure is the reason of our own voids, which are to be worked upon by us, taking it positively rather than lamenting for it persistently.

Yesterday, my friend told me “Hey, you seem way grown up and matured now than the yesteryears!”, this compliment absolutely delighted me and I immediately squirted “Let’s go and have some coffee, a treat from my side!”.

We human beings are already clashing and crawling our ways for sheer survival, carrying the weight of it, then why not spread some aura of zeal, confidence and positivity to cleanse the air surrounding us!

This is not by relying on someone else’s compliment but to instill some into yourself daily!

How about after waking up daily, just look into the mirror and motivate that pretty little jerk of yours, who’s laying there with infinite potential by just motivating it  with some few words following the “I am” like:

“I am wise” , “I am an optimist”  , “I am hopeful” , “I am confident”  and you will notice the difference!