Is it a good decision to ban crackers in Delhi, NCR?

ban crackers in Delhi, NCR

After much Plying over the issue that Whether it is a good decision to ban crackers in Delhi, NCR, I believe yes, it definitely is! and why not. Directly or indirectly ,certainly, it’s we, who is responsible for the rise in the contamination of air, that we breathe!

People are blaming the government’s decision cribbing about ,how they must look into the pollution caused by the factories in the unauthorized areas like Samaypur Badli,Nafazgarh, Mandoli, Motinagar, Ghazipur etc., including the tons of garbage waste that is turned to polluted fumes containing one of the most dangerous pollutants i.e. plastic, daily!

According to the study , it has been shown that around almost 1 lakh factories have unrighteous authority of the land, mostly in the residential areas, which is one of the gravest reasons for the rise in the pollution!

The government has been taking actions against these unauthorized seizing of the land to pollute the mother nature, but just for once, just envisage, how much can the government do alone?

The government and its citizens, both are responsible for the development of their territory.

In the countries like Singapore, Japan, China, USA etc., you are strictly prohibited to litter the mother Earth. This rule is implied by its respective governments, but it wouldn’t have been successful without the support of its people. Once you visit these countries, you will notice that the citizens themselves are very concerned about the “Clean ambience” or the “Litter free environment”. They do not spare anyone, who’s breaking it!- The reason these countries are so clean, thus enhancing their natural heritage sites further!

When they can do, why can’t we! Yes, our ignorance is the sole reason that Delhi has bagged the honor of being one of the most polluted cities in the world! Congratulations, Indians!

Rather than being supportive to the government’s decision, people were still witnessed with No F**ks given attitude, ladened with the bathtub full of crackers like every year!

Yes, even I am an Indian and even I love bursting crackers. When I was a child, my dad would cough up a huge amount into purchasing these worthless pieces of sh**, just to make me delighted, but the moment I was enlightened into its effects on the mother nature was an eye opener for me. It has been 8 years since then.

To all the cribbers and the nit-pickers out there, why are you so oblivious about your lives? Is it so worthless!

Yes, it has been we who are to be blamed for this esteemed spin-off, so it has to be us who must work unanimously in order to curb it!

Diwali is the festival of lights, which hails with it the hope and optimism and it also is celebrated only once a year. Everybody is excited about the burning of crackers, but please do realize that the government isn’t our foe, even they are the residents of the same country. They have taken this action in order to witness the difference which they even rolled out.

Last year the Air-quality-index value was 431, which has shrinked to 319 this year! For the ones who are oblivious about its ratings:

AQI level from (0-50) is considered as good,

(51-100) is satisfactory,

(101-200) is moderate,

(201-300) is poor,

(301-400) is very poor and

401 and above is severe.

Be good citizens and take the steps and necessary actions against the anything illegal and by supporting the government full-fledged, to make this country a better place to live in!

There are National Complaint forums where you can also register the complaints if you witness something violating!

Do your part and it won’t be far when you can burst few crackers without any NO-NO!