Wildest Ideas to Surprise Your Friends This Friendship Day

Friendship Day

Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing

Nothing can be more beautiful than starting Friendship Day with Elie Wiesel’s description of the feeling you get when you are in a deep emotional relationship with your Friend. Yes, having a best friend like this is a blessing and only a few people have experienced what I am feeling right now. Teenager out there are busy tying friendship bands, sharing chocolates, partying hard with their besties, but there are some who are sitting far away, and they don’t even need a call to interact with their friends who prioritize them Before Everyone Else.

Being very emotional as I am right now, I still would not bore you with more intense definitions of friendship these emotions can only be felt. Okay! Now we won’t get emotional anymore and continue thinking of crazy ideas to wish our friends on Friendship Day. You are lucky and I literally am jealous if you are still at school or college and are preparing surprises for them.

If you are looking for amazing ideas to surprise your friend then you must read the article further as I have a history of doing all the crazy and wild stuff just to make sure my friends are getting extra attention, and Friendship Day is the best occasion to make them feel so.

Gifts –sharing gifts sounds monotonous to some of you, but I am talking about customized gifts for Friendship Day. You are in dire need to STOP thinking of printed mugs and frames if you want to do something out of the box. They have become history now, so a better idea would be to think you the day you last went shopping together. I am sure there is something your friend loved too much, but could not buy. Just send the object to them anonymously and let them guess the sender.

Messages – No gals. I am not a boring person to suggest you forward those copied and pasted messages like stalkers do. Think of special memories only you and your friend has shared. I am damn sure you would be lost in your endless talks. Find something, a message, a quote, or any line that has made you laugh like hell or something you both have cried for. Write an emotional yet funny message. Something, you have never shared with them. NOW print this message on a T-shirt of something they can always keep with them.

Voice or Video recording – This one I have tried on many occasions. Don’t prepare a long speech, I said DON’T. Just click on the record button and then start saying whatever comes to your mind. It would reveal your deepest feelings for them. And I guarantee they would appreciate it if they feel the same for you. Make sure you also move your camera towards all the gifts they have ever sent you. An additional tip – don’t forget to dedicate a special song. There are plenty of them including TERA MUJHSE HAI PEHLE KA NAATA KOI

Plan a surprise party – Imagine your friend is sleeping at 11 and s/he receive your call. It is Sunday guys, everyone would be at home. They would obviously think you casually called to say Happy Friendship Day. Instead of saying so ask them to come out of the room. OH, so you got what I am saying. But this is not boring as you are not alone but with the gang. Make it a group friendship day instead and call all your friends at your best friend’s place and play a horror movie.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara theme – The best Friendship Day plan you could ever execute is to fulfill their life-long dream. A TRIP Guys and Gals! How could you miss that? Though it seems like an imagination rather than reality, but all of us desire that our friends call us at the airport, and say just get in, we have everything you would need and even asked for permission. You parents have agreed, you only need to join. NOTHING COULD BE BETTER THAN SUCH A SURPRIZE. Your friends would become speechless for a moment and can’t expect any better surprise on this occasion of Friendship day.

There are many more ideas you can find if you start thinking with a perspective to something wild and extraordinary for your best friend. But, these are the ones I feel will definitely help you make this Friendship Day the best day of their life. I would love you to share if you too have some amazing and exceptional ideas to surprise your long distance best friend.

These tasks seems difficult but your friends are worth it. They are the ones who have always stood by you, and have never let you alone even at times when you were at fault. Lovers would come and Go friends, but you have a life if you have found a friend who can go to any extent just to ensure your happiness. Don’t let this friend go because you they are the ones who appreciate us when we fail to understand ourselves.