Aap Launches “Kaam Ki Chai”Campaign in Delhi

Kaam Ki Chai campaign

The assembly election of Delhi is nearby and on Thursday (23.01.2020), the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had launched a campaign named ‘kaam ki chai’ with the famous Ahemdabad based MBA Chai Wala in Delhi here on Thursday.

Roars could be heard in the campaign, to be the second famous “chai wala” of the country after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prafull Billore. The Founder and CEO of the MBA Chai Wala, told reporters that although he does not support any political party, but was supporting as Arvind Kejriwal had promised on improving the basic education and health facilities, which were the need of the hour. So pitiful to hear, AAP is canvassing against BJP, but citing the examples of BJP only, leaning on the shoulders of Modi ji.

We all have been talking about big things for the country, but no one is working to improve the basic levels in education and health. Although I do not support any political party, but at least Kejriwal government is promising to work on the ground level to improve the situation said by Prafull Billore.

He also added that if a government is able to fulfil the basic needs of the people, then only people can think forward.

If, government promise to take care of education, health, electricity and water, then only people can think ahead. Otherwise people keep indulging with everyday struggle with these small issues.

Prafull said he lives in Ahmedabad and hold events across the globe. Though, he does not charge anything for fund raising or NGO events only charge a lot for celebration events like marriage and birthday. He also told that he had started his ‘chai ka thela’ with just Rs 8,000 and now has a turnover of about Rs 2.5 crore.

He had also claimed that he had raised funds worth Rs 1.5 lakh during the Kerala floods and donated to the state government.

He said he has done over 200 events since 2016 — when he started the “thela”, which is now a cafe in Ahmedabad.

When asked about his visit to Delhi, he replied he was in touch with the AAP for quite some time ago and his visit was for both to his wish and party’s request and will be staying in Delhi for at least 10 days.

Though, not sure if can stay till elections as he has to take care of his business as well. Although, he has been running his cafe single-handedly but has a team of 30 members, to help him.

Billore, The MBA dropout has planned to serve free chai during Kejriwal’s townhall meetings — scheduled between January 23 and 30, 2020. Billore said he was not inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for selling tea but wanted to do a business, and could not find better than a tea point.

Though, Delhi’s assembly election is going for polls on February 8, 2020 and the campaign is much like the BJP’s 2014 Lok Sabha campaign — “Chai pe Charcha”.

It was quite interesting to know that, Prashant Kishore who gave the idea to the BJP for the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, is now associated with Delhi’s ruling Aam Aadmi Party for the 2020 Assembly election campaign.

In the previous elections of February 2015, the AAP had bagged 67 out of the total 70 Assembly seats in Delhi, and is now aiming for to repeat the show this time. But let us wait and watch, it is not that all are in favour of AAP party. Few are totally annoyed with his working scenario as he had always been crying that centre is not providing him the facilities.

So, people are in mood to change the government as they can get the better facilities, if the centre and state government would be same and no doubt whatever is said by the BJP government is of course completed and also they stand to the problems till it is completed.

“Let Us Wait and Watch What People of Delhi Want This Time”

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