Do You Know About Mysterious Pneumonia-Like Coronavirus Spreading in China and Elsewhere

coronavirus spreading in china

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The recent health update is the outbreak of a new mysterious pneumonia virus, coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China. It has killed nine people and affected more than 400 others ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday during which hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel.

As of now, with latest update, on Wednesday (22.01.2020) morning, it has spread beyond Asia, with one confirmed case found in Washington State, U.S.

Officials had reached to the conclusion that the new mystery virus can spread between humans and said even 15 medical staff has now been infected, it is a stoking fear about this virus as it is an international pandemic and without delay airport authorities around the world step up in screening of travellers arriving from China.

Let us know the details of this virus with respect to health and fitness tips

❒ Health and Fitness Tip 1 Mysterious Pneumonia Virus attack


The mysterious pneumonia virus coronavirus, causes a type of pneumonia; it is thought to have originated at a wholesale seafood market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It was first reported in late December 2019.

The World Health Organization has claimed that the outbreak began in an animal food source.

On Sunday (20.01.2020), China’s National Health Commission said the source of the virus remains unknown and that its transmission path hasn’t been completely traced. Symptoms of this outbreak include fever and difficulty in breathing, and there is no vaccine for this new virus yet.

Health and Fitness Tip 2 Origin of Mysterious Pneumonia Virus, Coronavirus


As of Tuesday (22.01.2020) evening, authorities have confirmed more than 400 cases affected by Mysterious pneumonia virus coronavirus, most of those occurring in the Hubei province of China and its provincial capital of Wuhan, a city of 11 million people.

The outbreak slowly got spread to other cities of China claiming;

  • 14 cases in southern province of Guangdong.
  • Five in the capital Beijing.
  • Five in the eastern province of Zhejiang.
  • Two in Shanghai.
  • Two in Tianjin City.

These pneumonia Cases have also been reported in Thailand, South Korea and Japan. Taiwan had confirmed its first case Tuesday evening in a 55-year-old Taiwanese woman who had returned from Wuhan the night before.

World Health Organization had warned on Tuesday that, the mysterious pneumonia virus coronavirus is likely to spread. More cases are expected in other parts of China and possibly other countries too, in the coming days.

Asked by reporters about its higher spread, Jasarevic, WHO, medical spokesperson said the outbreak comes ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday period this week, when millions of Chinese are supposed to travel domestically and overseas and this would increase the risk of more transmissions.

❒ Health and Fitness Tip 3 Comparison with SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome)


The outbreak caused by this virus belongs to the same family as that of SARS. This also emerged in China in 2002 and was identified in 2003, killed nearly 800 people worldwide. It had hit Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei and Beijing the hardest and triggered a severe downturn in the region.

Rob Carnell, Dutch bank ING’s chief economist said that he very well remember that the SARS outbreak had the severe impact on people. These things also reflect an enormous hit on economies, leading to slip into recession in some of the countries.

It cannot be repeated again, if Wuhan becomes more widely spread, and starts to claim more lives, this will result in a similar response as that of SARS.

Carnell said at that time, the rapid spread of SARS was blamed on a lack of transparency by the Chinese authorities. In the early moments of SARS, the matter was suppressed in China. But, this must not be repeated again.

It was also revealed by the experts that this time, however, China has moved more rapidly to deal with the crisis and that the virus appears to be less lethal than SARS.

However “Government and World Health Organization” reports indicate that the virus is both less virulent and less deadly than SARS. The response from Beijing is also far faster this time than it was in 2002-04 said by Rory Green, economist for China and South Korea at research firm TS Lombard.

Health and Fitness Tip 4 Impact on Economy


Carnell warned that it depends on the consumers; if they get frightened then the impact on the economy could be significant.

Because people will become more attentive, will stop taking economic activities, like- will not go out, will not travel, will not eat out etc. He pointed towards SARS and said it happened at the time of SARS also: Tourists stopped travelling to places where there were outbreaks, commuters stopped taking public transport and worked from home instead, and consumers stayed away from malls and restaurants.

At the peak of SARS, Green noted, domestic tourist growth in the second quarter of 2003 fell 45% year on year, and revenue from that activity pitched to 64%.

But the impact this time should be less than that of SARS, as it seems to be less virulent.

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