Ahmedabad Unveils Rs 6,000-Crore Plan for India’s 2036 Olympic Hosting Dream


In a bold and ambitious move, Ahmedabad, one of India’s vibrant cities, has unveiled a comprehensive plan with a budget of Rs 6,000 crore aimed at realizing the dream of hosting the Olympic Games in 2036. This strategic initiative reflects the city’s aspirations to become a global sporting hub and position India as a prominent player in the international sports arena.

Key Components of the Plan:

1. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

  • The plan allocates a significant portion of the budget to the development of state-of-the-art sports infrastructure, including modern stadiums, training facilities, and accommodation for athletes and visitors.
  • Upgrades to existing facilities and the construction of new, technologically advanced venues are at the forefront of this initiative.

2. Sustainable Urban Development:

  • Ahmedabad’s vision goes beyond the sporting events, emphasizing sustainable urban development. The plan includes infrastructure projects focused on enhancing transportation, connectivity, and eco-friendly practices.
  • Green spaces, cycle lanes, and pedestrian-friendly zones are integrated into the city’s development plan to create a lasting legacy beyond the Olympic Games.

3. Athlete Development and Support:

  • A significant portion of the budget is dedicated to the development of sports academies, coaching programs, and athlete support systems. The aim is to nurture and groom young talent across various sports disciplines.
  • Scholarships, training camps, and mentorship programs are envisioned to create a conducive environment for athletes to excel on the national and international stages.

4. Technological Integration:

  • The plan incorporates cutting-edge technologies for event management, security, and fan engagement. From AI-driven analytics to enhance athlete performance to immersive virtual experiences for spectators, technology is a key enabler in Ahmedabad’s Olympic hosting dream.

5. Cultural and Heritage Integration:

  • Ahmedabad, with its rich cultural and historical heritage, plans to integrate these aspects into the Olympic experience. Cultural events, heritage tours, and art exhibitions will provide a unique blend of tradition and modernity during the games.

The Road to 2036:

Ahmedabad’s roadmap to the 2036 Olympics involves collaboration with national and international stakeholders. The city aims to leverage its strengths in business, tourism, and culture to create a holistic and memorable Olympic experience.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While the dream of hosting the Olympics brings immense opportunities, it also poses challenges. Financial sustainability, effective project management, and community involvement are critical aspects that Ahmedabad will need to address to ensure the success of this monumental endeavor.

National Pride and Global Recognition:

If successful, Ahmedabad’s bid to host the 2036 Olympics could be a source of immense pride for the nation. It not only showcases India’s capabilities in organizing and hosting mega-events but also puts Ahmedabad on the global map as a dynamic and forward-thinking city.


Ahmedabad’s Rs 6,000-crore plan for India’s 2036 Olympic hosting dream is a testament to the city’s vision and commitment to becoming a sporting powerhouse. As the journey unfolds, the city, along with the entire nation, eagerly anticipates the realization of this ambitious dream that holds the potential to redefine India’s standing in the world of sports and beyond.